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My Versatile Blogger Nomination

I am so delighted to receive my first “The Versatile Blogger Nomination” from Shelia T. of Sheila T Illustrated Shuttr Mania: Take Life to the Matte ©

You can read about it and see the sites Shelia also nominated at the link below.


This award comes with a responsibility – follow three simple rules – which I am glad to accept.

1. Thank the one who nominated you for the award and include a link to their blog.

I want to thank Shelia T. at Sheila T Illustratedhttp://sheilatphotography.wordpress.com/” for nominating me for the “The Versatile Blogger Award.”

This absolutely comes as a complete and total surprise and I can’t be more delighted.

She is a talented self-taught photographer living in Indiana.  She has travelled extensively in the US and hopes to travel more worldwide to complete her “Bucket List”.

I always look forward to seeing the photos she shares with her followers every Sunday.

Please take the time to view her blog.  You’ll be glad you did!

I love what I take to be her motto on life “So what if people stare.  Take a picture. It’ll last longer.”

Thank you so much, Shelia T., for the honor and encouragement.

2. Reveal 7 Things about Yourself.

  • First thing:  My name is Melba.  I hated it my life (and my super curly hair) for most of my life.  It’s only in the past 20 years that I have come to appreciate both.  It is nice to have an unusual name – most people remember your name (even if you can’t remember theirs!).
  • Second thing:  My computer keyboard sticks because my darling granddaughter (Yeah! Right!) spilled honey into it.  I am equally both too lazy to take it all apart and clean it and too cheap to replace it.
  • Third thing:  I have been married for 29 LONG (but certainly not boring) years and have a step-daughter and three lovely grandchildren and a teenage son.  We have custody of one grandchild who lives with us.  I LOVE them all dearly, but I am glad when school is in!!!
  • Fourth thing:  After about a 10 year hiatus because of multiple health problems I once again doing what I LOVE to do – craft.  My craft materials are once again taking over the whole house.  I have GOT to reign them in!
  • Fifth thing:   I simply can’t pass a clearance sale without picking something up!  It is absolutely impossible for me!  That’s why I have SO MUCH CRAFT STUFF that I simply have to give it away!  I discovered Listia.com in this past year and have greatly enjoyed giving my extra stuff away and being able to choose great NEW stuff in return!
  • Sixth thing: I have trouble with numbers and letters.  I think I might be a little dyslexic, but I have learned to cope with this myself and I don’t guess it’s such a problem that I need to see medical help.  That’s also probably why I have 9 blogs I like in step number 3 instead of seven.
  • Seventh thing:  But it could also be that I just can’t make up my mind about which ones to include!  So, I guess the seventh thing is that I’m an invertebrate waffler!

3. Bestow the same honor on 7 blogs that you enjoy reading/viewing on a regular basis.

  1. http://eyeballsbydaycraftsbynight.wordpress.com/  Maggie –my first follow!
  2. http://antidotestudioblog.wordpress.com/ Sarah – just love the tips on this blog!
  3. http://middlebrickroad.com/  Kacey – always a great read!
  4. http://www.feelslikehomeblog.com/ Tara – fellow cookie cutter fanatic!
  5. http://onegirlgeek.wordpress.com/ Jennifer a.k.a. Fellow Dr. Whovian!
  6. http://www.megacrafty.com/ – also loves to “podge”
  7. http://amybrinager.wordpress.com/  Amy – one of my newest follows!
  8. http://gingerbreadsnowflakes.com/ I love the name of this blog!
  9. http://www.lisas-craft-blog.com/ Lisa – got me started craft blogging!

I really love all the blogs listed above.  It was hard to narrow it down to just seven (OK nine!).  Please take the time to view thier blogs.  And let them know you are viewing on buggalcrafts recomendation.

Thanks again to  Sheila T Illustrated  for nominating me for the “The Versatile Blogger Award.”


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