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“Sew Cute” Handmade Greeting Card

cards 077“Sew Cute” Handmade Greeting Card


Here’s my latest handmade greeting card – and once again the theme is about something I HATE – sewing!!!!  But I do love “pretend” sewing so here it is for you to view!!!!

To make the quilt block I used a Fiskar’s Quilt Star punch and stacking square punches.  First I punched the shapes and then attached a piece of fabric to each shape.  Allow the glue to dry then cut the excess fabric off.

It was “Sew Easy!”




I Bet THIS Pizza Really Tastes Like Cardboard!

Anyone Want a Bite of Pizza?

I Bet THIS Pizza Really Tastes Like Cardboard!

An on-line friend asked me if I could do a piece of pizza punch art for her son’s scrapbook.

I think it came out super cute. I used nesting circles to make the dough and sauce. Then I used my zigzag punch to make cheese strands and added some small pepperoni circles.

Thanks so much for taking time to look at my latest project!

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