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Reblog: Making hand washing a habit

This is a wonderful post. The “buggal” in my handle refers to my past as an Infection Control Coordinator (ICC). Teaching handwashing was an integral part of the job. I also often did classes at school for elementary school children. So this is a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

I’d love to recommend a company I purchased from extensively in the 13 years I was in infection control. The materials are inexpensive and in my opinion are fantastic! They can be used by teachers for classroom teaching and by parents for teaching at home.
Bevis.com (link below) has loads of excellent material for teaching children about germs & handwashing including a book with lesson plans, activity sheets & songs; several fantastic children’s books; and “glow germ” & black lights (great visual aids for teachers).

One of my favorite books they carry is “Itchy, Itchy Chickenpox”.


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