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Gingerbread Ornaments: Clothespins & Cinnamon Sticks and Mini Fabric Wrapped Candy Canes

Gingerbread Ornaments & Mini Fabric Wrapped Candy Canes

The inspiration for these ornaments was a craft project, Gingerbread Min Clothespins, on Eyeballsbyday’s craft blog which is expertly written and photographed by Maggie.  As I didn’t have any mini clothespins on-hand I used regular sized ones. Also I don’t paint that well – I need LOTS more practice – so I punched some dots & hearts from craft foam for the buttons, found some mini googley eyes and some fine white cord to make the mouth.  I cut some “icing” from white craft foam with zigzag scissors. I painted the clothespins with FolkArt Cinnamon Acrylic Paint and let them dry.  Then I glued all the attachments on the clothespins and daubed on some pink checks.  I did try my hand at painting features on some of them using a toothpick for the brush.

The project also inspired me to make gingerbread men from cinnamon sticks.  Again I painted some and glued attachments on others.  I glued on a piece of jute for a hanger.

One of the things I have gotten for FREE on listia.com (a great site!) was some mini vinyl gingerbread men (Oriental Trading sells these).  Since I was making clothespins ornaments I thought, “Hey!, why not glue these bad boys on clothespins too?”  I did and they came out cute too.  I am wondering if they would look better on natural or white-painted clothespins.  I use E-6000 glue to attach the vinyl gingerbread men to the clothespins.  I used white glue first but the gingerbread men broke off when I pinched the clothespins to attach it to a tree limb.

The last thing I added to my mini tree were some fabric wrapped candy canes also inspired by a craft project on Maggie’s blog.  I really liked how the ones wrapped in white muslin and then wrapped with red rick-rack turned out.

Take a look and let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear from you!


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Candy Cane Package Topper

Candy Cane Package Decoration

Candy Cane Package Topper

I found this FANTASTIC project, FABRIC WRAPPED CANDY CANES, on Maggie’s blog; Eyeballs by Day Crafts by Night; that I absolutely LOVED. And as I had both wrapping paper and candy canes on hand it struck me that I could make great  package decorations that coordinate with my wrapping paper!

This year I used three wrapping paper designs that all “went together” so it was easy to make these package decorations that not only look cute but are also are a sweet treat to eat for the recipient.

And a great plus to this project is that it uses up that leftover scrap paper that otherwise will get tossed – or if you had a mother like mine you will save in a box until the end of time “just in case” the world runs out of wrapping paper!  And your only cost is $1 for the candy canes!  This is also simply enough for kids too!

For a great photo tutorial on wrapping a candy cane see Maggie’s post FABRIC WRAPPED CANDY CANES.  Listed below are a few pointers on using wrapping paper to wrap candy canes.


  • Wrapping paper scraps
  • Candy canes
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape (dull finish)


  1. Cut three 1 inch wide 10 inch long strips of wrapping paper that coordinate or contrast with the paper on your package to wrap the cane. Three strips will cover a regular cane. I found it easier to work with several 10 inch long strips (because that was how wide the scrap pieces of wrapping paper on the floor were!) instead of a 30 inch long continuous strip.
  2. Simply secure the first strip of paper to the candy cane with tape (use the dull finish tape so it won’t show) or some white glue.
  3. Then start wrapping the cane splicing in additional strips as needed.
  4. Finish off the cane by folding the ends of the wrapping paper in on each other around the ends of the cane.
  5. And presto – – – you have the perfect package decoration!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  I’d LOVE to hear from you!  Drop me a line below!

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