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Useless Gifts or a Drinking Game

Wow! Passing on this nomination for an exceptional site! Maybe next time buggalcrafts can be nominated!!!

Deidra Alexander's Blog

Writer’s Digest is running a Best Websites Contest.  I thought perhaps if you had a favorite website or blog, you might want to know how to submit a nomination.  All you need to do is

1. Send brief email to writersdigest@fwmedia.com (click now)

2. Put 101 Best Websites Nominations in subject line. (cut and paste now)

3. As an example include some kind of note like

Please consider Deidra Alexander’s Blog at www.deidraalexander.com for your list of 101 Best Website. (copy and paste optional. 🙂 )

Now, another post-Christmas blog.

Let me begin by telling you my house sits on a one acre lot with twenty trees in front and over thirty trees in the back. This will be important later.

In my family there is a giver of carefully thought out useless gifts. I in my novice attempt to out useless her, I gave her a cake stand. She lives in…

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