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Vintage Look-A-Likes: Mini Hat Pins & Mother’s Day Give-A-Way!



Mini Hat Pins

I am so happy to say this was featured on Craft Gossip in the post More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!!!

These faux-vintage cuties inspired by real vintage hat pins are made using corsage pins or T pins and buttons or beads!  Pictured are a few I made to inspire you to make your very own set.

Vintage is all the rage now but I’ve long wanted my own set of old-fashioned hat pins.  I just haven’t yet scoured the antique shops to find them.  But with all the blogging and pinning on decorative straight pins my mind turned to making my own “look-a-likes” to grace my pin cushion.

You can use vintage (or vintage look) materials or “new-fangled” plastics to create your very own set of lovelies that are as unique as real hat pins.   Use beads and buttons and lace from your mother’s or grandmother’s stash to make a memory craft for your sisters, daughters, granddaughters or other family members.  Almost everyone has a place this small memory can be pinned – in a pin cushion, in the top of a photo frame, even in a hat (be careful not to get stuck!).

Like my tea-cup pin cushion?  A link for a similar project tutorial, a cookie cutter pincushion, is listed below.  Wouldn’t these make a nice Mother’s Day gift?


MOTHER’S DAY GIVE-A-WAY: It being Mother’s Day I am giving away a “kit” with materials to make a dozen pins (does NOT include glue): corsage pins, T-pins, lace, beads, and seed beads.  Simply follow, rate,  pin or share this post then comment below letting me know you have done so.  My random number generator (a.k.a. my granddaughter) will choose a number for me and that person will win the “kit”.  Give-a-way ends tonight (May 13, 2012) at 12:00 midnight CST.

Ok, NO – NOT EVEN ONE – comments on Mother’s Day.  SO I will leave the give-a-way open until the Sunday AFTER – May 20th!  Still time for u to enter!


  • Corsage pins, 2 inch
  • T-pins, 2 inch
  • Seed beads
  • Beads
  • Buttons, shank backed
  • Lace

Also Needed

  • Scissors
  • E6000 glue
  • Paint to match lace & buttons
  • Toothpicks
  • Pin cushion


This is an “on-hand” project aimed at using up those bits & pieces you already have in your craft and sewing stash.  I had everything I needed already so the cost of all my mini hat pins was $0!

  • T-pins & corsage pins: $1 and up.
  • Beads & buttons: $1 and up.
  • Lace: $1 and up.

Skill Level: 

Novice to Expert and All Crafters In-between!

Photo Tutorial:

Photo 1: Assemble materials. Dig in your stash for any stray beads and buttons. This is a great project to use “onlies” and beads from broken jewelry, vintage or modern!

Photo 2: I only had a few corsage pins on-hand so I added a bow to the top of a T-pin to be able to use these. These also worked really great for the buttons I used as it gives you a place to securely glue the button so it doesn’t slide around. Paint the “t” of the T pin to match your lace or the back of the button in order to make it less visible (optional). .Insert a T pin into the middle of a 2 inch piece of lace.  Skip this step with the corsage pins.

Photo 3: Tie a knot in the lace.

Photo 4: Apply a dab of E6000 glue to the top of the pin with a toothpick and thread on beads or buttons. Push it securely against the top of the pin.  Wipe of excess glue and hold it for a few seconds for the glue to set. Add a dab of glue before adding each bead. I used three beads on most pins but if you have small beads you may want to try five. Since the E6000 is not going to set hard as a rock immediately you have plenty of time to change your mind about the bead arrangement. Stick your pins in a pin cushion to allow them time to dry.   It will take about 12 hours for the glue to set permanently. And that’s it – your very own imitation hat pins are ready for display and gifting!


Photo 5: Once your Faux-Vintage Hat Pins are dry they are ready to package for gifting.


To gift your faux-vintage hat pins glue fabric to an index card. After the glue dries cut a piece of wide enough to hold three or more pins with pinking shears. Make a fold in the card and then insert the pins through it. So no one will get stuck, use E6000 glue to attach a large button to a round mini eraser, let dry overnight then stick it on the end of the pins.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  If you have any questions or something is not clear, please let me know so that I can improve the tutorial.   

Please take a moment to leave a comment and rate this post.  Really, please do – I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again.

buggalcrafts  a.k.a. melba

Pay It Forward

Isn't it lovely? How did she ever know I am gaga over ladybugs? And Kasey gave her LOTS of spots too. You DO know the ledgend that if you find a ladybug in your house be sure to count the spots and that is how much luck you wil lhave that year.

Pay It Forward

We’ve all heard about “paying it forward” and know that this is a concept of doing nice things for other people to “pay back” the people who have done nice things for us, like lend us that $1 we need to have enough to pay for the week’s groceries or who gave us that 40% off coupon at the craft store.

Well, way back in February I ran across a post by Kacey Messier of “Middle of the Road” about a crafty version of paying it forward.  The premise behind this post is that you receive a handmade gift from a person who has in their turn received a gift from someone else.  You then post about the gift and select three people to send a handmade gift of your own to.

Well Kasey kept her end of the deal up and more or less promptly sent me a fantabalous gift after I indicated that I was interested in participating.  I however have been delinquent in posting about the gift and sending out my 3 gifts!

This is a short excerpt from her post and the link to the complete post.

Okay, so almost a year ago Lonna started this “Pay it Forward” project. She made gifts for three people. Each person she made a gift for had to make gifts for three more people and so on . . . I got my gift from Lonna, but I have not even gotten my three people to make gifts for yet.

Here is the link to her “Pay It Forward” post.   Stop in to see what she has to say about deadlines and to see her gift.   Do check out her blog, it’s full of “wonderful things”.


“Rules” For Participtation:

  1. Agree to take part in this project.
  2. Answer a few simple quesions about yourself:  What do you like/dislike.  What do you collect.  What are the colors of your kitchen, bath, etc.
  3. Once the gift is recieved re-blog or link this post on your blog and include a photo of the gift you recieved.
  4. Recruit three people to recieve a handmade gift from you.  The gifts must be crafted, parts can be purchased but the whole item cannot be.
  5. Mail or deliver the gifts within one month of recieving your gift.

Your Invite To Participate

I’d LOVE to send you a homemade “something” as a gift!

If you are interested in participating in this project please comment below. I will send a handmade gift to each of the first three people to respond.

If you are one of the first three please send me an e-mail to buggal1989@yahoo.com and give me some insight into your personal tastes so I can create something you’d like just for you!


buggalcrafts a.k.a. Melba

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