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Christmas/Winter Punch Art: Mason Jar Snow Globe

snowglobe rev 2 002Snow Globe Punch Art

Use as gift tags, package decorations, paper tree ornaments, string them together to make a paper garland for tree or mantle/etc., use on a handmade greeting card, great for a kid’s craft, scrapbook, & more…..

I love punch art and snow globes so why not compare the two?  This is a super easy project to do – the hardest part is to glue down the snow flurries without getting glue “all over” the place!

If u have any questions please let me know.  Hope u enjoy the project!!!

Blue cardstock
White & cream cardstock
Cardstock scraps in other assorted colors and patterns

Mason Jar Punch
Large Wave Edging Scissors
Other Assorted Punches: deer, moose, tree, etc.
Glue Stick
Mini Circle Punch


Punch mason jar shapes in shades of blue. I like to crimp the neck of the jar to give it a more realistic appearance. Next cut strips of paper about 2" wide and punch the "snow drifts". I like to vary the depth of the snow. Use a wave punch to give the snow a wind scalloped appearance. I also punch some for the jar to lie on it's side.


  1. Punch mason jar shapes in shades of blue. I like to crimp the neck of the jar to give it a more realistic appearance.
  2. Next cut strips of paper about 1 1/2″ wide and punch the “snow drifts”.  I like to vary the depth of the snow. I also punched some snow drifts long wise for the jar to lie on it’s side.
  3. Use large wave edging scissors to give the snow a wind scalloped appearance.
  4. Glue the snow drift to the jar front.
  5. Punch small/mini shapes – trees, moose, etc. in plain and patterned cardstock.  This is a great way to use up paper scraps.
  6. Crimp brown paper and then punch select shapes (ex: trees, snowmen) to glue behind the colored shapes to create a 3D effect.
  7. Lay out designs and then glue them down.
  8. Last glue the tiny white/cream/silver circles to the exposed blue to create a snow storm.  Add one or two mini snowflakes for a special accent.

Some examples of "snow globes" u can make!

Thanks so much for seeing “What I’m Up To!!!!”


Here are some tips for making ur “snow globes”!  

  • Fir Trees: Trim trunk from green/patterned fir trees. Glue a brown tree to the back of the green tree. To create more depth use a second brown tree behind one of the “firs” if using them as a pair. Glue the thicker tree to the edge of the thinner tree.
  • Trim Fat Tree to Cone Tree: Trim trunk from the tree. Glue a brown tree to the back of the green tree. When dry trim the tree into a cone shape.
  • Bare Branch Icy Trees: Punch brown trees and then glue the white trees on top of the brown trees. Let dry. Trim the trees to fit snow globe.
  • Christmas Tree: Trim trunk from the green tree and glue a brown tree to the back of the green tree. Trim candy canes to fit the tree and then glue on tree along with the “ball ornaments” (circles).
  • Snowman #1: Use a cream snowman on a white snowdrift to set the snowman off the best (and vice versa).  Trim the arms off the white/cream snowman and glue the brown snowman to the back. Trim excess paper off hat and glue to snowman’s hat. Add eyes with a black marker. Cut a tiny carrot nose and glue on face. Trim a mini heart punch to fit the snowman and glue in place. Or add buttons to the snowman with a marker.
  • Snowman #2: Trim the arms off the white/cream snowman and glue the brown snowman to the back. Trim the hat to roughly a round shape. Glue small circle to the snowman’s head. Add eyes with a black marker. Cut a tiny carrot nose and glue on face. Trim a heart punch to fit snowman and glue in place. Or add buttons to the snowman with a marker.
  • Reindeer & Moose: Trim the antlers off the deer & moose. Attach the crimped antlers to the back of the animal. Attach a small red rhinestone or the glittery red circles provided to face of the reindeer. Glue brown circles behind the glittery red circle to make the nose stand out.
  • Penguin: Trim the feet and bill off the black penguin. Glue the yellow penguin behind the black one. Glue stocking cap to head of penguin.
  • Other Animals: Glue a crimped brown shape to the colored shape. Allow to dry then glue to snow.
  • Gingerbread Cottage: Trim icy roof from glittery cottage and glue on top of gingerbread cottage. Trim candy canes and glue on “path” to the cottage. Glue smoke puffs in place or use snow.
  • Snow Flakes/Circles: Use the mini snowflakes to accent snow globe – one per globe. Use the tiny circles to create a “shaken snow globe snowstorm”.
  • Snow Scene on a Homemade Card:  One cute way to use ur snow globes is to spread the scene out over 3 snow globes and then use the set on the front of a homemade card.

Cookie Cutters: Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post # 25: Cookie Cutter Gift Ideas

Cookie Cutters:  Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post # 25: 

Cookie Cutter Gift Ideas

Cookie cutters themselves make great gifts but they can also be used to create unique and inexpensive, even awesome, homemade gifts. 

Here are some great gift suggestions I have found on the net or gifts I have given. I have yet to do tutorials for these but hopefully will get around to doing so soon.   If you know of or have a tutorial on one of these projects, please paste the url below and I will add it to the post.

I’d love to hear about any cookie cutter related gifts you have given or received yourself.  Please leave me a comment below describing the gift/s.  If you have photos, that would be extra wonderful!

  •  3D Clay Tiles: Roll your clay out into a 1/4 inch thick slab. Cut it into 4×4 inch squares. Roll out another slab and cut out shapes using cookie cutters. Rough up the back of each clay shape and the area of the tile square that will be under the shape. Then “glue” the shape to the tile with clay slurry (clay mixed with water). Allow to air dry or fire per the product’s direction. Paint or glaze when dry.


  • “Bean” Filled Cookie Cutters:  Mix colored beans & seeds (or colored opaque plastic beads) with plain Mod Podge to make a bumpy “dough”.  Lay a cookie cutter flat on a plastic plate or foil wrapped tray.  Fill the cutter with the “dough” packing it down loosely.  Allow to dry.  This will take about a week.   Glue on a ribbon or raffia hanger.  Hang from a curtain rod for a unique kitchen decoration or hang an opaque plastic bead filled cutter in a window as a nice sun catcher.


  • Candle Holder:  Place a heart-shaped candle holder (glass or tin) inside a larger cookie cutter (such as a teddy bear) so that it fits tightly.  Then fill the candle holder with potpourri. Wrap in cellophane, gather at the top and tie with several colors of curly ribbon.


  •  Cookie Cutter Coin “Bank”:  This is a great last minute gift for a child (hey, I’d like to get it!).  Have a few made up and ready for impromptu gift giving.  Stretch clear packing tape across the back of a colorful plastic cookie cutter.  Fill the cutter with coins and then stretch a layer of clear packing tape across the front of the cutter. Wrap tightly with cellophane and tie the top with colorful ribbons. 


  • Cookie Cutter Cutting Board:  Hammer small nails into an old cutting board, the more battered the better! Tie a torn fabric strip bow around the handle.  Then hang vintage cookie cutters from the nails. Change the cookie cutters to fit the season.  


  • Cookie Cutter Photo Collage:  Trace themed cookie cutters on a piece of mat board (Book, apple, & school bus for a child. Cats & dogs for a vet.) to create a custom photo collage mat.  Cut out the shapes with a sharp craft knife.  Add photos and insert in a frame and your collage is ready to hang.


  • Cookie Cutter Shaped Candles:  Make two molds from matching metal cookie cutters and aluminum foil (face them the opposite way so when they are put together you will have a complete 3D shape). Melt your wax per product instructions and then color & scent it (sugar cookie or gingerbread of course!).  Then fill the molds and allow the wax to harden.  Push the shapes out of the molds.  Brush a layer of melted wax on one wax shape and then lay a wick down.  Apply a little more melted wax on the other shape and join the two halves together. Let cool completely.  Wrap the completed candle in cellophane and tie on a ribbon for a cute gift. 


  • Cookie Cutter Shaped Wax Tarts:  Use mini cutters to create mini wax tarts. Make a mold and then continue with melting, scenting and coloring the wax.  Fill the molds and allow to cool, then pop out your tarts and they are ready to scent your house.  Wrap several in cellophane and tie with a colorful bow to make the perfect little “I’m thinking of you” gift!


  • Cookie Cutter Tote Bag:  Embellished a tote bag with fabric or felt cookie cutter shapes for your favorite baker.  Cut out felt or fabric die cuts using cookie cutters as templates and then iron them on a fabric tote bag with heat fusible webbing.  An alternative is to make homemade cookie cutter stamps with potatoes or sponges then stamp the tote using fabric paint. Or simply stencil cookie cutter shapes directly on the tote with fabric markers.  When the paint/glue is dry embellish your tote with rick-rack, buttons, embroidery thread, fabric paint & markers. Let dry and it’s ready for gifting.


  • Cookie Mix in a Jar:  Start with a clean re-cycled Mason or food jar and stencil cookie cutters on it.  First trace mini cookie cutters on a very thin, flexible plastic sheet (like a “cheap” binder divider). Lay the plastic sheet on a self-heal cutting mat or old phone book cut the shapes out with a craft knife.  Apply spray adhesive to the back of the stencil so it will adhere to the glass.  To store your stencil lay it on a piece of plastic wrap sticky side down.  Trace the shapes and then fill in with paint markers.  Allow to dry.  Layer the dry ingredients for sugar or gingerbread cookies in the jar and close the top tightly. Cut a square of sugar cookie or gingerbread print fabric with pinking shears, place it over the lid and secure with a rubber band then tie it off with raffia or matching ribbon.  Trace a large matching cookie cutter on white cardstock and cut it out to make the icing part of a “cookie” hangtag. Glue it to light tan or brown cardstock and trim this close to the edge.  Decorate the front with paper “sprinkles” and then write your cookie recipe on the back.    Punch a hole in the top of the card and then attach it and a mini cookie cutter or two to the tails of the ribbon.


  • Fabric & Felt Cookie Cutter Coasters:  Make a set to have on-hand as an “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I forgot Aunt Agnes!” gift.  Cut a piece of quilt batting to fit a round paper coaster (or a circle cut from cardboard).  Then attach the batting to the coaster with a THIN layer of fabric glue.  Next cut a circle a little larger than the coaster from seasonal fabric.  Glue it to the batting.  Then make small cuts in the edges of the fabric (so it will fit better) and wrap the fabric around to the back.  Secure with fabric glue.  Cut and glue a felt circle to the back of the coaster.  Make a pattern from newspaper of a mini cookie cutter.  Then cut the shape from contrasting felt or fabric.  Whip stich around the edges of the shape with contrasting embroidery thread if desired.  Then glue it to the front of the coaster.  Embellish with rick-rack or other trim as desired.  When all is dry, your coasters are ready to gift. 


  • Fairy Princess Wand:  Paint a small (or mini) star or heart cutter with metallic gold or silver paint and let dry.  Cover it with several coats of glitter paint and let dry.  Alternatively coat the painted cutter with glue and then sprinkle with the color of your choice glitter.  Next paint a 12 inch long dowel to match or contrast with the cutter and let dry.  Hot glue the cutter to the dowel.  Then embellish the wand with ribbons, rhinestones, lace, pearl beads, or metallic star garland (curled into spirals) to create a fairy princess wand.  This is a great craft for a little girl’s party – have the wands ready for the girls to decorate and enjoy.



  • Floral Arrangement:  Wire cookie cutters to long floral picks and add to flower arrangements to enhance (plus add a little extra gift) the arrangement. For example: baby rattle, bib, ducky, & bottle cutters in a pastel arrangement for a new mother.   Use a large cutter to create a custom floral pick (see below) with the recipient’s name or a special message.


  • Floral Picks:  Cut two cookie cutters shapes (one reverse to the other) from scrapbook paper glued to cardstock.  Glue the two shapes together with a bamboo skewer sandwiched between them.  Then decorate the pick with rick-rack or other trim, scrapbook letters, buttons, etc.  Insert into a floral arrangement or place an odd number of picks into a vase for a bouquet.  Link to my post showing my “Conservation Heart” floral picks.


  • Gift Wrap:  Trace cookie cutters on butcher paper, brown wrapping paper or paper bags with colored markers.  Alternatively, stamp plain brown paper with cookie cutters (dip the cutter in paint, then stamp) or stamps made from a potato or a sponge.  Another alternative is to make die cuts from leftover pieces of gift wrap or scraps of scrapbook paper and glue them to solid color gift bags or wrapping paper. 


  • Grandma’s Cookie Cutters Shadow Box:  When it’s time to pass on your vintage family cookie cutters do it in style.  Type or write out the family recipe and/or a memory of baking cookies with your mother or grandmother.  Leave one side of the paper blank for the cutters and a photograph.  Size the document to fit your shadow box frame and print it out in brown ink on parchment look cardstock.  Cut the paper to fit the frame.  Mount one or more of grandma’s cutters using hot glue (it is easy to peel the glue off if you would like to use the cutters in the future).  Add any cookie related embellishments, stickers, etc.  Then insert into the frame. This one-of-a-kind gift is sure to be greatly appreciated.


  • Jewelry:  Use tiny, ½ to 1½ inch, cookie cutters to make cookie cutter jewelry.  “String” the tiny cutters and beads on fancy ornament hooks and attach to earing wires to create unique earrings.  Or string several ½ inch cutters on a ribbon with beads to create a custom necklace.  I found tiny cutters in the decorative button section of my local craft store.  To create a unique lapel pin wrap a 1 ½ to 2 inch cutter with a narrow red silk ribbon, add a tiny sprig of holly or other greenery and a bow then attach a pin back and it’s ready to wear.  Package these is a cookie cutter box (instructions below) to make a one-of-a-kind gift!


  • Mobile: This is a great way to display or gift those vintage cutters you have collected for so long.  First create a mobile base by joining two dowels or wooden skewers (cut the pointed ends off first) together in an “x” shape with clear packing tape.  Then wrap the join with ribbon, raffia, or yarn.  You can also use a wooden embroidery hoop (separate the loops and make two mobiles!) or a large macramé ring as a base.  Tie three or four ribbons evenly spaced to the “X”, hoop or ring, then gather them together and tie off to create a hanger.  Hang the base from a hook on the ceiling.   Next tie 6” to 24″ lengths of fishing line, yarn, or ribbon to vintage or interesting cookie cutters. You can use a season, theme (barnyard animals, Easter, etc.) or a mix-match of cutters.   Last attach the loose ends of the ribbons to the base from long ribbons to short ribbons.  Now your uniquely different mobile is ready to hang from the kitchen ceiling of one lucky person you know!  


  • Napkin Rings:  Gift a set of eight small matched cutters with an equal number of napkins for a unique bridal shower gift.  Paint the cutters to coordinate or contrast with the napkins or leave them the original color.  Copper cutters would be really nice.


  • Paperweight:  First make a mold of the cookie cutter using foil to form a bottom in a cutter.  Then fill the mold with a quick setting Plaster of Paris mix (available at hobby stores).  Embellish plaster with beads, stones, etc. after the plaster sets a little. Let dry and then paint if desired.


  • Photo Frame:  First choose your outline cutter.  Again copper makes a nice frame!  It needs to be able to stand upright and the section of the photograph you want to use must fit neatly inside the cutter.  If needed, make a base out of air dry clay for the cutter to rest on.  Paint the cutter with enamel paint if desired and let dry.  Next glue the photo to cardstock.  Place the cutter on the photo and move it around so the area you want to feature is centered in the cutter.  Next trace around cutter lightly with a colored pencil and then cut the shape out.  Run a line of hot glue around the edge of the photo and carefully place the cutter on top.  Attach a bow of ribbon, rick-rack, or raffia to the top of your new photo frame if desired.  Make several of these to gift as a photo grouping.


  •  Potpourri Filled Cutter: Create your very own unique pompadours to hang from a door knob or shelf peg to scent the room or use it a sachet in a dresser drawer.  First create a back to the cutter with clear packing tape.  Then pack the cutter tightly with potpourri (add refresher oil as needed).  Last wrap the cutter with a small weave net, gather it at the top or bottom and tie off with a ribbon. Attach a ribbon as a hanger.


  • ·Stamped Gifts: Use cookie cutters to make sponge, potato or Styrofoam stamps (or dip the cutters in fabric paint and stamp).  Then stamp tote bags, flower pots, cookie jars, etc.   As an alternative cut out paper & fabric die cuts with cutter templates.  Stamp an apron with gingerbread men for a cute Christmas gift, stamp a t-shirt with multi-color stars for a colorful child’s tee or decoupage heart & flower paper die cuts to a flower pot for a Mother’s Day gift.


  • Sun Catchers,Stained Glass”: Use unflavored gelatin to create a sort of “plastic”. To make this gather the ingredients:  3 envelopes of unflavored gelatin; 8-10 tablespoons water; several drops of food coloring; plastic plate and a straw. First mix the water and food coloring in a saucepan over low heat. Add gelatin stirring continuously. Cook until thickened (30 seconds to one minute). Pour the mixture onto a plastic plate and remove as many air bubbles as possible by tapping the plate on the counter. Let it set for 45 minutes to one hour. Remove gelatin from plate – it will be flexible. Use cookie cutters to cut shapes out of the gelatin and punch holes in the top with the straw. Let the shapes air dry for 2 to 3 days.  Then hang them in the window.  Or make a no-cook sun catcher simply by using Mod Podge to glue strips of colored tissue paper to the back of a cookie cutter and let dry.


  • Treat Filled Cookie Cutter:  Fill cookie cutters with homemade fudge, white chocolate, or Rice Krispies Marshmallow Treats.  To make white chocolate filled cutters place the cookie cutters flat on parchment paper. Melt white chocolate and pour into the cutters. Add sprinkles, M&M’s, etc. to the top of the melted chocolate. Once the chocolate hardens (check it at 5 minutes), cut off any extra chocolate that may have oozed out the bottom.  Place filled cutters in a cellophane bag and tie the bag with curly ribbon or other trim to create a unique party favor or a memorable “trinket” gift for teachers, postmen, etc.   Have your children make a homemade cookie cutter shaped gift tag to attach to the gift. 


  • ·Trinket Box:  Make a cookie cutter shaped trinket box to gift small cookie cutter related gifts in.  If desired first glue backing themed scrapbook paper or fabric on cardboard.  To make the bottom trace and cut out the inside of a simply shaped cutter on stiff cardboard. Cut a 2″ wide strip from the same cardboard and glue around the edges of the bottom. Then trace the outside of the cutter to make the lid of the box.  Cut a 1″ wide strip of cardboard and glue it around the edges of the lid.  Decoupage the top and sides of the box with cookie or baking printed fabric or scrapbook paper.  Leave the inside edge of the lid and one inch of the side of the box plain (where the lid of the box fits).  Add appliqués, sequins, beads, glitter, etc. as desired.  Fit the lid on the box and your gift box is ready.


  • Wind Chime:  Create a theme with the cutters; for example: an animal theme, star theme, sports theme, holiday theme, baby theme, etc.  This is basically made the same way as the mobile is except you use only metal cutters and a length of lightweight metal pipe. Tie different shapes, sizes, and styles of metal cutters to different lengths of nylon wire.  Tie the loose ends of the wires to a large metal hoop.  Graduate the size of the cookie cutters from large at top to mini at the bottom. Add a lightweight hollow metal pipe to the inside of the chime.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  If you have any questions or something is not clear, please let me know so that I can improve the tutorial.   

Please take a moment to leave a comment and rate this post.

Thanks again. 



Last year we had a sleepover for our girls at church.  We wanted them to do a craft that was tied into our motto for the year “Keeping the Peace In!”  And we really wanted something that they would use during the year.

With guidance from my pre-teen granddaughter I developed a memory book that combined secular and Christian elements.  I choose to include spaces to record favorites – color, tv show, song, etc. and other secular matters instead of just making a prayer journal to increase the likely hood that the girls would use the journal on a regular basis.  It also has a scripture reference for almost every page of the journal.

The girls were to do some of the journaling at the sleepover but most of it was for them to do at home.  There is also plenty of room to glue in photos and keep a daily journal.

I found single subject notebooks after the start of school for 20 CENTS each.  At that price I thought we could not do better.  Because we were limited in time one of my helpers cut and glued the journal inserts into the notebooks.  You could also not cut the insets but put them in a pronged folder.  We also gave the girls a pen on a rope so they could each have a pen they could keep up with to work in their memory books at the sleepover.

To fit our theme for the sleepover I had lots of material, scrapbook paper, large foam shapes, foam stickers, etc. with a peace symbol theme.


  • Single subject notebooks or 3 prong folder
  • Scrapbook paper (letter sized sheets)
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon & trim: rick-rack, lace, etc.
  • Embellishments: foam stickers, buttons, etc.

Also Needed

  • Pinking Shears
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • White craft glue
  • Journal inserts
  • Pen


Photo 1: Assemble supplies. Print out insert and make copies. Cut out and glue in the journal inserts. This allows it time to dry before you are ready to write in it.

Photo 2: Cut a piece of fabric with pinking shears about 3 inches larger than the notebook cover.

Photo 3:Apply a thin layer of glue with a glue stick (a glue stick holds the fabric on GREAT!).Lay the fabric on the front of the cover putting the edge by the spiral wire down first (lay it flush against the spiral).Press down to remove any air pockets or wrinkles.

Photo 4: Pull fabric edges around to the back side of the front cover and glue down.

Photo 5: Cut a letter sized peice of scrapbook paper or cardstock to fit with zigzag scissors (covers the fabric edges).

Photo 6: Glue the paper down by lining it up with the outer edge of the inside of the cover.

Photo 7: Apply a thin line of white craft glue to the fabric edge on the front cover.Cut the ribbon about 10 to 12 inch peice inches loneger than needed and allow this to hang over the top to function as a bookmark. This tip comes from my granddaughter! Embellish the front with rick-rack, stickers, etc.

Photo 8: Open cover and lay flat to dry.








  • If you are pressed for time, have the inserts glued in before the event.
  • Or have the girls write on the inserts first and then glue them in.
  • If you are going to use scrapbook paper; roughly cut it to fit the cover, glue down and then trim around the edges.


Copy and paste into a word processing program.  Then insert spaces to make book pages.  Customize for your use.

girl’s sleep-over

memory book

__________ __, ____

“keeping the peace in”

“May the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7.


You may think you will always remember the time that… or how about the time that… or what your favorite song was when you where you were 12 or that your favorite food was fried chicken or, nah!, SOME things NEVER change!  But the more you grow, the more you will know and some of this “stuff” will get lost or will change (some of it).  We all like to “tell stories” about when we were younger, that’s because that’s how these memories making it into our long term memory, through repetition and make well – MEMORIES THAT LAST A LIFETIME.  That’s what this book is about, that and a fun way to pass the night (who did fall asleep first at the sleepover and got whipped cream in their…), putting some memories to paper – and permanence.


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

All About Me

My name is ________________________________________   ________________________________________     ________________________________________ .  I get my name from: _______________________________________.

I am also known as (nick-name/s):  ___________________________________________ or, ____________________________________________ or,  ___________________________________________ or,  ___________________________________________ or,  ___________________________________________ or,  ___________________________________________ even or ,___________________________________________.   My Birthdate is ________________ I am _____________ years old.  I was born in ______________________________________ Medical Center/Hospital in _______________________________________________, ______________________________________________

I live in __________________________________________, ___________________________________________________.

Describe your town, neighborhood, rural community in 10 words or less:

I also have lived in these towns & states: ____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________.

If lost please return to me:  My cell:___________________________________________

My e-mail addy________________________

My Physical “Stats”:   Height: _____________    Weight: ___________ (on the moon●)    Shoe Size: ___________

Eyes Color: _________________Hair Color: _________________I wear it: __________________________________________________________.

I have _________ sisters and _________ brothers.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

My Friends

Name She/He is special to me because…… Our favorite things to do together are: We have been friends since:

A friend is loving at all times, and becomes a brother (sister) in times of trouble. Proverbs 17:17








Room of the House:

God, who is really in control of everything in your life, simply wants to be your partner. When you choose to become a partner with God, you will experience the “peace of God.”

My   School

I go to:   __________________________________________________________________.
I am in the   _____ grade.  My favorite subject is:   _______________________________.
My favorite   teacher is Mr./Mrs. ____________________________ who teaches _________________________.
5 things I love about school:
5 School Activities I like to do:

Psalm 119:165 Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.

My Church

I go to: _____________________________________________.  I have been going there for ___ years.

My pastor Is: ____________________________________________________.

My Sunday School Teacher Is: ____________________________________________________.

My Team Kid Leaders are:

My favorite Bible story is: ____________________________________________________.

My favorite Bible verse is: ____________________________________________________.

5 things I love most about church:

5 church Activities I like to do:

The one thing I ask of the LORD–the thing I seek most–is to live in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, delighting in the LORD’s perfections and meditating in his Temple.  Psalm 27:4

Book Ends

My favorite book is: —————————————————————-

I ____like or ___ don’t like reading because:

Books I have read this year:

Books I want to read this year:

I like stories that are

  • Funny
  • Short
  • Scary
  • True
  • Mysteries
  • ___________________.

Movie Magic

I like movies that:

  • Are Scary.
  • Teach Me A Lesson.
  • Are Funny.
  • Are Sad.
  • Inspire Me.
  • _________________________________.

My Top Five All-time Favorite Movies Are:

My Five All-time Least Favorite Movies Are:

It costs _______________ for admission to the movies.

Popcorn & a coke costs _________.

The person in a movie I’d most like to be like is _______________________________ in __________________________.

The person in a movie I’d like to look like is _______________________________ in __________________________.

The best lesson I have learned from a movie is:

Sing, Sing A Song

My Favorite Group Is:

My 5 top favorite songs are:

My 5 top least favorite songs are:

This song, _________________________________________________, is close to my heart because:

My Favorite Christian Group Is:

My 5 top favorite Christian songs are:

My 5 top least favorite Christian songs are:

This Christian song, ________________________________, is close to my heart because:

In T.V. Land

Five TV Shows That are popular now are:






My favorite is: ___________________________________________________________.

It stars: _________________________________________________________________.

I will always remember the time this happened:

A Road Less Traveled….

My Favorite Trip This Year Was:

We Went By:

  • Car
  • Plane
  • Foot
  • ___________________

Other Places I Have Visited This Year Are:






My “Dream Vacation” Would Be:

My Feelings

When I am: I do this:
Tired I   sleep until noon.

No Matter What, This can always make me laugh _______________________________


Three things I scared of are:

Three reasons I get grumpy are:

I am grateful for:


  • Save scraps of strings.  Someday strings everywhere will thank you.  Whatever strings are anyways.

Oh, It’s So Good!

My Five Favorite Foods Are:

The Foods I Dislike Most Are:

Foods I Once Hated But Now Like Are:

I Am Allergic To These Foods:

  • I Am Lucky Enough To Not Be Allergic To Any Foods.


I Want To Be:

  • A Rock Star.
  • A Teacher.
  • A Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.
  • Another Year Older And Deeper In Debt.
  • ______________________________.

I Plan To Go To:

  • Trade School.
  • College.
  • The Kitchen For More Ice Cream With Hot Fudge.
  • Any State My _____________ Is Not In!

I Am Good At _________________________________.

I Am Not Good At ___________________________________________________ (But I Keep Trying).

New Living Translation (©2007) You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!


What are three adjectives that describe you?

What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

What do you say when you talk in your sleep?

What is your biggest phobia?

If you were invisible what would you do?

If you were an animal what would you be?

What was your last dream about?

What is one thing about you that no one here knows?

SleepOver Facts!

This Is Who Came To The Sleepover:

Who Was Voted “Best In Pajamas”: ___________________________

Who Went To Sleep First?: ________________________________

Who Went To Sleep Last?: ________________________________

Who Won The “Beauty Pageant”: _____________________________

What Did You Have Done At The Party?:

  • Manicure.
  • Pedicure.
  • Mani – Pedi, Of Course!
  • Hair.
  • Make-Up.
  • The Works!

What Did U Eat?: __________________________________________

What Did U Drink?: ________________________________________

The Make Your Own Best Ever

“What To Do At A SleepOver?” Checklist

The SleepOver is done when you’ve checked everything off, all the food is gone or everyone is comatose!

⃝  Do Each Other’s Hair

⃝  Do Makeovers

⃝  Eat Junk Food

⃝  Eat Popcorn

⃝  Have A Fashion Show

⃝  Have Pillow Fights

⃝  Look Up Your Weight On The Moon

⃝  Make Cookies

⃝  Play “Test Your Taste Buds”

⃝  Play Freeze Dance

⃝  Play ________________

⃝  Play The “Mummy Wrap” Game

⃝  Share Your Favorite Bible Verses

⃝  Share Your Testimony

⃝  Stay Up All Night

⃝  Take Millions Of Pictures

⃝  Talk

⃝  Talk Some More

⃝  Talk About Guys

⃝  Tell Scary Stories

⃝  Tell Secrets

⃝  Watch Movies

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.  Ecclesiastes 3:1


Now take photos of u and ur friends doing things and paste them in ur memory book.  Here are some suggestions to get u started.  Cut (the old fashioned way) the title and paste it under the photo in ur book!

Photos of Me & My Friends Eating Ice Cream

Photos of Me & My Friends Being Silly

Photos of Me & My Friends Wearing Disguises

Photos of Me & My Friends With Our Pillow Pets

Photos of Me & My Friends Studying Our Bibles

Photos of Me & My Friends As Clowns

Photos of Me & My Friends With One Friend Sleeping

More Photos of Me & My Friends

Still More Photos of Me & My Friends

Even More Photos of Me & My Friends!

Cookie Cutters: Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post # 13: Cookie Cutter Die Cuts

Cookie Cutters:  Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post # 13: Cookie Cutter Die Cuts

This is maybe my favorite way to use my cutters (besides baking that is).  There are so many ways to use die cuts in your everyday life!

I don’t have a personal die cut machine (yet!) so when I need a die cut shape I turn to my extensive collection of cookie cutters.  I have been collecting for over 20 years and have a wide variety of cutters both seasonal and “everyday”.

This is the perfect way to put that collection of cookie cutters to use outside the kitchen!

There are lots of different ways to use die cuts.  They are perfect for many arts & crafts projects and for use in the classroom.  Great for any season or holiday!

I’ve already covered some uses for die cuts in craft projects in previous “Not Just For Cookies” posts – gift tags and holiday decorations.  But there are lots of other ways to use die cuts.  Your imagination is the only limit to the number of uses.  The more you use your cookie cutter die cuts the more uses you will find for them.

  • Use cookie cutters to make heart shaped Valentine’s cards, shamrock shaped decorations for the windows for St. Pat’s Day, red & white & blue stars to hang in the windows for the Fourth of July, turkey shaped place cards for Thanksgiving, or gift tags at Christmas.
  • Think of how impressed your scrapbook friends will be at your Christmas Crop when you show off a double page spread with photos of you and your kids making cut-out cookies with a scrapbook border of the same shapes (in mini form) that you are cutting out in your photos!
  • Use jumbo shapes to make a die cut photo “frame” and then cut out a same shape smaller size photo to mount on the “frame”.  How cute would an elephant be with a photo of your child riding a elephant at the circus?
  • This is a great rainy day activity for kids.  Let them use cutters and paper to cover an entire wall with a storybook scene.  Or make stars for their bedroom ceiling out of heavy cardboard.  Paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint for maximum effect at night!

Bulletin boards


Gift tags

Party & holiday decorations

Photo frames or accents

Place cards


Themed name tags

And much more!


  • Acid free scrapbook paper and cardstock or construction paper
  • Thin cardboard
  • Embellishments 

Also Needed

  • Scissors
  • Pinking Shears
  • White craft glue
  • Cookie cutters

Die Cut Instructions

1)    Assemble materials.

2)    To make your own die cuts all you need to do is make a template by tracing around the cookie cutter on poster board or other thin cardboard and cut the shape out.

a)    The side of the cutter (cutting or blunt) you trace will determine whether you template is a fat simple shape or a more narrow detailed shape.  Experiment with both sides of the cutter to achieve the effect you desire.

b)    You can also trace the inside of an outline cutter to make a slightly smaller die cut in the same shape.  For example:  Trace the outside of the cutter on cardstock to make a photo “frame” and then trace the inside of the cutter on a photo to make a same shape smaller size photo to mount on the larger die cut.

c)    Cut as closely along the trace line as possible.

d)    If the cutter has intricate details use a small pair of scissors.

3)    Store die cut templates in a coupon organizer. One template is a lot easier to store and tote to that scrapbook crop than a lot of cookie cutters!

4)    When a die cut is needed, pull out the template and trace on acid free cardstock or scrapbook paper, then cut out and you have your very own handmade die cut.

a)    To avoid leaving trace lines on the front of your die cut, trace the template on the back of the paper.  Make sure you turn your template backwards to the way you want it to face so that the finished die cut faces the way you want it to.

5)   Embellish the die cut with acid-free pens & markers, stamps, glitter, buttons, stickers, trims, etc. to add detail to your die cut.

6)   Create special effects to your die cut: cover with vellum or tissue paper, layer with a smaller same shape die cut (this is where those nesting cookie cutter shapes come in handy!), etc.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  If you have any questions or something is not clear, please let me know so that I can improve the tutorial.   

Please take a moment to leave a comment and rate this post.

Thanks again. 

Depending on the side (cutting or blunt) of the cutter you use determines if you have a “fat” shape or a thinner more intricate shape.

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