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WOYWW 1/25/12

Photo 1: Sectioned Fabric Box

It’s time to see WHAT’S ON YOUR WORK DESK for 1/25/2100!

Yeah!  It’s Wednesday again!  So, let’s see what’s on my work desk this week:

We are going to go “off road” today and I am going to show you some of my finds this week.

I am still working on my origination process.  And I found some cool things that might help me out.  So here are my recent finds!

Photo 1:  First off we have this cool fabric box from the Dollar Tree.  It has compartments and is fairly sturdy for a dollar!  I got 2.  They are low enough to fit in a plastic drawer or on a bookcase.  I happened to have some cardboard that exactly matches the box and used it to reinforce the bottom so I could put paint and stuff in it.  I will probably store this on the floor and put the paint I am working with at the time in it.

Photo 2: My Timesavers

Photo 2:  The second photo shows some more dollar store finds that are going to be so helpful to me in crafting!
  • First in line is a holder for cotton swabs. I am probably going to take the cotton balls and pads out and fill the space with cotton swabs. I use these to apply glue and to do some painting when I just don’t want to look around for a paint brush and really don’t feel like washing one out if I did!
  • Second in the line-up is a holder of toothpicks. I have kept having to get up and go to the kitchen for them or dig around in my paint box for one. Now I have them in a handy holder and boy do they come in handy! I use these as teeny tiny paint brushes where you just need a dab of paint or need to get in a small area. I use them to draw features on figures (ex: a gingerbread boy’s face) or to dab a tiny bit of touch up paint on a project. They also work great for applying glue too. Another thing I put them to use for is paint drying racks. When I need something elevated slightly like when the paint has run around the back and I am working on the front, I use these to make an impromptu drying rack so the painted item doesn’t stick to my paper plate. I have also recently acquired about a dozen chopsticks I paid 25 cents for at a secondhand shop. I plan to use these for bigger drying projects.
  • Last in line is a container of bamboo forks. See above for the uses. These are just a little wider and I plan to use them when paint or glue needs to be smeared. They also have two tines on one end and I think they could be used to make cool patterns in paint.

Photo 3: Stackable Embellishment Tote

Photo 3:  The third photo is of a storage “tote” I found at Target for $2.50.  It has 3 stackable trays with a lid.  It also has a handle so it’s “toteable”.  I haven’t decided what I am going to store in it yet.  Maybe my punch shapes?

Photo 4: 25 Cent Storage Containers

Photo 4:  In this photo is another Dollar Tree find – 4 stackable see through containers to store small stuff in!  These are wonderful and for 25 cents each can’t be beat!  They are short enough that they will fit in one of my deep plastic drawers.  Plus they have a see through top so I can just look down at them and see what is in the container.  I got two sets. But I might be back for more.  I plan to use these for all the small craft items that are bulky– like pom- poms!  They also fit in the plastic baskets they have at Dollar Tree (six fit in one) so they could easily be put on a shelf.

Photos 5 & 6:  In the fifth and sixth photos are some nice deep trays that I found at Target for $2.50.  I am using these to store all the items I am using for one project.  I work on multiple projects at a time – I don’t get bored that way – and as my desk space is none existent – I have to move the keyboard to craft –  I keep things on trays that I can stack when they are not in use.  The yellow tray has all the stuff I am using to create my heart shaped magnets (link below) and the red all the deals I have found this week.

Photo 5: Craft Tray With Valentine's Maganets

Photo 6: Craft Tray With This Week's Deals

Photo 7: Storage Box With Listia Auction Items

Photo 7:  In photo 7 are the deals I found for my “Baby It’s Cold Outside” craft auction on Listia.  If you are interested, Listia is a site where you win things for free using credits you earn by auctioning off your unneeded items off.  It is a great place to pick up new craft materials and share some of your excess items.


I also am working on a few other things this week too.

Please Vote For My Project: Also on my desk (well maybe the computer) is a site I just reviewed (link below).    SHinDigZ has a GREAT GIVEAWAY going.  You can enter your idea to “make life more fun” for someone.  Enter it by “liking” SHinDigZ on Facebook and then writing a paragraph on whose live you would like to make more fun and why.  You can win a gift certificate for up to $250.  Of course I have entered and if you could please run over to Facebook and VOTE FOR MY IDEA I’D APPRECIATE IT GREATLY!  You can only vote once in 24 hours. You can submit a new idea every week.  I am hoping to win a gc for my Wednesday night kids group to provide encouragement for three mission families in our state by sending them a party favor packet and handmade (by the kids) birthday card on their birthdays.


Guest Blog: I am also working on a guest blog for February 3, 2012.  Lisa of Lisa’s Craft Blog is hosting, starting January 30th, “A Love-Filled Valentine’s Event” that will run right up to Valentine’s Day.  There will be guest bloggers, tutorials and a special linky party.  Read more about it at the link below.  Sounds great.  Please stop by and support Lisa’s effort.


Cookie Cutter Crafts Series:  I’m still working on tutorials and posting my “Cookie Cutters: Not Just For Cookies Anymore” series.  I am more than half way through. Please check out my posts if you love cookie cutters! I have also combed the web looking for uses I did not have yet and have found quite a few. If you Pinterest check out my board “Ways to Use Cookie Cutters” for 100 pins about uses for cookie cutters other than making cookies (I might have a few duplicates, but not many). I will do a wrap-up post after I have posted my last tutorial. This post will give you links to the tutorials I found (did not duplicate any I have or will do) for those that have tutorials and a description of the project for those that I could not find tutorials for.  If you have any cookie cutter crafts leave me the link for your tutorial.  I will be sure to credit you when providing the link.


Thanks so much for stopping by.   Please leave me a comment.  I’d love to pay you a reciprocal visit.

buggalcrafts by Melba


If you aren’t already linking to Stamping Ground’s WOYWW blog for the week, take a few snaps around your craft room, post them to your blog and then swing by and leave the link to your post on her blog (see below for her link).



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WOYWW 1/18/12

Full View of My Valentine Garland

WOYWW 1/18/12

So, what’s on my work desk today?  Let’s take a look!

The all seeing eye of the camera pans around the room and here’s what the camera sees!!!

First up is my current project – – – my Valentine Garland.  I recently posted about the garland giving a preview of the ornaments I will be featuring tutorials on in the upcoming weeks.

The craft project from the garland I am currently working on is a set of Gingerbread Angels.  I am currently working out the bugs and taking photos for the tutorial.  What do you think?  Little cuties or what?  If you would really love to do this project, keep an eye out – the tutorial will be posted this week.


Next in the line up is continuing to organize my craft niche.  Slowly but surely it is taking shape!  I am draggin in lots of plastic drawer sets from the shed.  That entails emptying the ones in the shed out!!! Arrrkkk!

I am also thinking about having a craft giveaway soon for some craft supplies.  You would enter by sharing one of my craft project posts on your blog and then commenting on my post with the link to your post.   What would you be intereted in – Christmas, Valentine or Mardi Gras craft tiems?  Those are the choices I am considering.  I don’t know if it’d be better to just do miscalenous supplies or to put together “kits” for one of my craft projects?  What do you think?

I’d appreciate your input in this.  It will be my first giveaway.  I just started my craft blog before Christmas and am trying to get my following up.

If you aren’t already linking to Stamping Ground’s WOYWW blog for the week, take a few snaps around your craft room, post them to your blog and then swing by and leave the link to your post on her blog (see below for her link).


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Paper sorted by season!

Scraps sorted too!

This one is the BEFORE!!!!

Putting shelves to the best use!

I'm short and can use the space beneath the desk!

WOYWW 1/11/12

WOYWW 1/11/12


Ok, I’m a day late – I often am now days.  When I was younger I was a puncutality freak.  If I wasn’t 15 minutes early, I’d would rather not go.  Then something happened – fibromayalgia?  having a baby?  taking out granddaughter to raise? getting older? realizing that I could edit a document or work on a craft project with that exta 15 minutes?  I may never know!

But to the purpose of the post, here’s WOYWW this week!





Here is the area behnd the TV I have carved out for myselt. It's a mess right now, but gradually it is taking shape!








My sign is finished! Mod Podged and dried and ready to hang!

Here are 2 more projects I have been working on. The one of the left is a painted and embellished wooden box. I did one with a fleur-de-lis for my neice. The ones on the right are fleur-de-lis emellishments I am working on for Mardi Gras. They can be maganets, pins, card embellishements, etc, If you would really like some of these plastic do-dads to work on yourself, I'd be happy to list some on Listia.com for you!

My Storage Solution: Storage of Craft Foam Scraps

 My Storage Solution:  Storage of Craft Foam Scraps

I save the scraps from craft foam and scrapbook paper & cardstock projects to punch holes and shapes from or to use when I need to try out an idea or otherwise need a small piece of craft foam.

I have kept them in a zip-lock bag for years and HAVE NOT been happy with that storage method but have never done anything about it.  Until last night!

I started making foam sugar cookie & gingerbread ornaments for my “Cookie Christmas Tree” before Christmas and recently started doing photo tutorials for my “cookie cutter” posts.  So I have daily, no – many, many times a day – pulled that bag out to get a small piece of craft foam for one use or another!  And how many times did I put it back in the basket of craft foam?  How much time have I wasted looking for it? Well, I’m not answering those questions!!!  But let’s just say I’ve spent more time than I needed too looking for a small piece of foam!

So, I really, really needed a better storage solution!  And last night it occurred to me – – – put the scraps in that empty 1 gallon jar you have just sitting around empty!

Now I need a jar for my scrapbook paper & cardstock scraps!

How about using that tea jug that is leaking around the spigot? One more thing given a new life and kept out of the landfill!

Featuring: A Craft From Lisa’s Craft Blog!

Choose a basket that the craft foam sheets will fit in. Sort craft foam by color. Store in the basket.

Lisa’s Craft BLog is great.  She has all kind of cool ideas.  One of the ones I like is her great way to store felt – in reusable grocery bag!

This would work great for full size sheets of craft foam too!  Just think you could hand the bag on a hook and take it down and grab what you need.

Here’smy take on her idea:

I store my small sheets of craft foamin a similar way – in a small basket that the half sheets just fit!  It is right there at your finger tips.


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