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Mini Cookie Cutter Dangle Earrings

Mini Cookie Cutter Dangle Earrings

These earrings were inspired by a pair I saw on eBay and Etsy (love those sites!!!).  I love these in that you can make a very simple chain like mine or join several chains together to make cascades of tiny buttons and cutters.

Thanks for taking a look at what is keeping me occupied in the crafting arena these days.  I’d love to hear from you!


  • Mini cookie cutters
  • Mini buttons
  • Jump rings
  • Fishhook earring wires

Also Needed

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Jump ring opener (optional)

 Photo Tutorial

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Mini Beaded Candy Cane Earrings

Mini Beaded Candy Cane Earrings

Made from just seven beads these mini canes are the perfect holiday earrings for a young girl or any time you just want a hint of bling.

The real beauty of these little earrings is there are so many variations you can make  – change the color – or the direction – or the length – or just make as many pairs in as different ways you can dream up!  I’ve listed a few below to get you started.


  • Any Color Combination: Why stick with the traditional candy cane color combinations of red & white or red & green? Candy canes now come in so many different colors so why not make a pair to coordinate with every holiday outfit!
  • Any Size: Use a longer  headpin and more beads for longer earrings.  Use a different size bead for a more delicate or heavier look.
  • Any Direction: Turn your canes upside down to make a “J” for a “Jesus Cane”. Substitute an eyepin for the headpin to give you a ready to hang loop at the “bottom” of the cane.
  • Any Materials: Don’t have      headpins, eyepins or the like on-hand? Simply substitute a 2 inch piece of jewelry wire. Experiment with materials to achieve different looks – acrylic or glass beads – faceted or smooth – round or square.


Why only use these cute little canes to make earrings?  Like real candy canes they have a bevy of uses.  I’ve listed a few below to get you started.  I’d love to hear about how you’d use these beauties in your crafting this season!


  • Beaded Charm Pin:  “String” them as charms on a coil-less safety pin along with some beads.
  • Decorate a Dollhouse For Christmas:   Hang on the tree or have thempeeking out of a doll’s stockings.
  • Greeting Card Embellishments & Bonus Gift:  Attach a pair to a handmade greeting card with removable glue dots to serve as both!
  • Decorate a Christmas Scrapbook Page:   Hang them all in a row on a paper chimney to add some dimension to your page.
  • Wine charms:  Attach them to a wire hoop earring along with a few beads.
  • Dress Up a Pillar Candle:  Attach a dozen with a beaded pin made by gluing a small bead to a regular straight pin.
  • Decorate a Twig Tree:  Stick a twig from the garden in a rock filled container and hang some of the longer baby canes from the bare branches.


  • Four 4 mm Red Beads
  • Three 4 mm Green Beads
  • Two 1½ Inch Headpins
  • Two Fishhook Earring Wires
  • Two Jump Rings

Also Needed

  • Round  Nose Pliers

Photo Tutorial

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