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A Special Place for Santa: A Legend For Our Time

I highly recommend this book, “A Special Place for Santa: A Legend For Our Time” by Jeanne Pieper. It tells a beautiful story about Santa worshiping at the feet of Jesus.

Santa becomes concerned that people are putting more emphasis on him than on Jesus. When he goes to a cathedral to be the first to tell Jesus “Happy Birthday” the sadness he has felt all season overwhelms him and he begins to cry. God speaks to him and comforts Santa telling the story of how a man named Nicholas became Santa Claus and how he (Santa) has done more than any person (other than Jesus) to spread the spirit of giving. It ends with Santa leaving his gift, the same gift he give Him every year, next to the manger.

“Now no one who comes to church on Christmas and sees Santa kneeling there thinks it strange at all. They can see that it is the perfect place for Santa Claus to be on Christmas.”

This is a very touching book and I wish that I had had a copy when my children were little.


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