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My Prize From Create For Less

“Looky! Looky! What I got!”

My Prize From Create For Less

I was the week one winner in the 11th Anniversary Giveaway.  I won the Martha Stewart Craft Station.  I was so excited when I came home today and saw the box by my gate.

I have been so down lately with health problems and this was just a WONDERFUL treat that really brightened up my day – my whole month in fact.  My granddaughter and I sat right down and played with the station.  We had a blast and I can see many happy hours of crafting with the station.  Thanks so much Create For Less.

Just wanted to let all my crafting friends know about Create For Less.

Create For Less has a lot to offer:

  • Think Crafts! Is a blog for everyone who loves art, crafts, creative design, and working with their hands. It covers a broad range of craft categories, including paper crafts, sewing, quilting, kid’s crafts, needlearts, jewelry making and more.
  • Ask questions, guest blog and more!
  • It’s your one-stop online shop for craft, scrapbooking and sewing supplies. Our goal is to create a unique place where people can come together to share their creative passions, plus get the latest trend, project ideas, tips and techniques.
  • CreateForLess also has a presence on Facebook offering giveaways, special offers, and crafts shared by readers and staff members.
  • Free Stuff Friday – like them on Facebook and be entered to win free stuff on guess what day?


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This is totally my own opinion and offered freely.  Please stop by and pay a visit to Create For Less!  It’s a great site!



Sharing a Great Post: Stretching Before Crafting

I would have uploaded a photo of me stretching, but you just don’t WANT to see that!

Sharing a Great Post: Stretching Before Crafting

This blog is a nice reminder for all of us!   Just like with any exercise you need to stretch before you begin (and during) crafting!  The video comes from Deb Roby via Sister Diane — aka Diane Gilleland of CraftyPod fame.


I also do a stretch during computer work that works well for crafting too.  Squeeze your shoulders together like you are squeezing a lemon between them – hold the squeeze as long as you can or at least to the count of 30 – then release.  Great reliever of tension.

buggalcrafts a.k.a. melba

My Versatile Blogger Nomination

I am so delighted to receive my first “The Versatile Blogger Nomination” from Shelia T. of Sheila T Illustrated Shuttr Mania: Take Life to the Matte ©

You can read about it and see the sites Shelia also nominated at the link below.


This award comes with a responsibility – follow three simple rules – which I am glad to accept.

1. Thank the one who nominated you for the award and include a link to their blog.

I want to thank Shelia T. at Sheila T Illustratedhttp://sheilatphotography.wordpress.com/” for nominating me for the “The Versatile Blogger Award.”

This absolutely comes as a complete and total surprise and I can’t be more delighted.

She is a talented self-taught photographer living in Indiana.  She has travelled extensively in the US and hopes to travel more worldwide to complete her “Bucket List”.

I always look forward to seeing the photos she shares with her followers every Sunday.

Please take the time to view her blog.  You’ll be glad you did!

I love what I take to be her motto on life “So what if people stare.  Take a picture. It’ll last longer.”

Thank you so much, Shelia T., for the honor and encouragement.

2. Reveal 7 Things about Yourself.

  • First thing:  My name is Melba.  I hated it my life (and my super curly hair) for most of my life.  It’s only in the past 20 years that I have come to appreciate both.  It is nice to have an unusual name – most people remember your name (even if you can’t remember theirs!).
  • Second thing:  My computer keyboard sticks because my darling granddaughter (Yeah! Right!) spilled honey into it.  I am equally both too lazy to take it all apart and clean it and too cheap to replace it.
  • Third thing:  I have been married for 29 LONG (but certainly not boring) years and have a step-daughter and three lovely grandchildren and a teenage son.  We have custody of one grandchild who lives with us.  I LOVE them all dearly, but I am glad when school is in!!!
  • Fourth thing:  After about a 10 year hiatus because of multiple health problems I once again doing what I LOVE to do – craft.  My craft materials are once again taking over the whole house.  I have GOT to reign them in!
  • Fifth thing:   I simply can’t pass a clearance sale without picking something up!  It is absolutely impossible for me!  That’s why I have SO MUCH CRAFT STUFF that I simply have to give it away!  I discovered Listia.com in this past year and have greatly enjoyed giving my extra stuff away and being able to choose great NEW stuff in return!
  • Sixth thing: I have trouble with numbers and letters.  I think I might be a little dyslexic, but I have learned to cope with this myself and I don’t guess it’s such a problem that I need to see medical help.  That’s also probably why I have 9 blogs I like in step number 3 instead of seven.
  • Seventh thing:  But it could also be that I just can’t make up my mind about which ones to include!  So, I guess the seventh thing is that I’m an invertebrate waffler!

3. Bestow the same honor on 7 blogs that you enjoy reading/viewing on a regular basis.

  1. http://eyeballsbydaycraftsbynight.wordpress.com/  Maggie –my first follow!
  2. http://antidotestudioblog.wordpress.com/ Sarah – just love the tips on this blog!
  3. http://middlebrickroad.com/  Kacey – always a great read!
  4. http://www.feelslikehomeblog.com/ Tara – fellow cookie cutter fanatic!
  5. http://onegirlgeek.wordpress.com/ Jennifer a.k.a. Fellow Dr. Whovian!
  6. http://www.megacrafty.com/ – also loves to “podge”
  7. http://amybrinager.wordpress.com/  Amy – one of my newest follows!
  8. http://gingerbreadsnowflakes.com/ I love the name of this blog!
  9. http://www.lisas-craft-blog.com/ Lisa – got me started craft blogging!

I really love all the blogs listed above.  It was hard to narrow it down to just seven (OK nine!).  Please take the time to view thier blogs.  And let them know you are viewing on buggalcrafts recomendation.

Thanks again to  Sheila T Illustrated  for nominating me for the “The Versatile Blogger Award.”

My Take On “Heart’s On A Stick” Via Dollar Store Crafts


I saw these hearts featured in a Dollar Store Crafts post – “15 Black & White Wedding Ideas” – and just KNEW how I was going to decorate the tables at this year’s Valentine Supper for my Wednesday’s night kid’s group at church!


I followed the link back to Rebecca’s site “As Simple As That” and found a blog filled with wonderful ideas, tips, give aways, and all kinds of tuff I can’t wait to try!  These are so easy that a tutorial is really not even needed, but I will share a few tips on making these with you (below).



I call my hearts “conservation” hearts because I used them as message boards to the kids and as they  were to be used at a church function, I used religious messages like “God is (heart)” and Jesus (heart) u”.

This would be such a great, and cheap, way to decorate for every holiday!  Stick one or three in a floral arrangement or group five together in a vintage bottle – – – turkeys, hearts, stars, shamrocks, and pumpkins galore!

This is the perfect craft for kids – and a great rainy day activity – make a bouquet of flowers for the table or for mom on Mother’s Day.


  • 1 inch scrapbook letters
  • Assorted heart stickers
  • Buttons, assorted sizes
  • Assorted valentine scrapbook paper and cardstock
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors – plain & decorative edge
  • Heart shaped cookie cutters
  • Assorted bottles
  • Assorted trims
  • Charms (for bottles)
  • Transparent tape


  1. Use heart shaped cookie cutters of assorted sizes to trace hearts.
  2. Next cut around the heart in a square (cut 2 pieces).
  3. Glue the two pieces of paper together patterned side out ONLY at the top.
  4. Then cut out the hearts.  Use plain or decorative edged scissors.
  5. If you are writing on the hearts, do it now.
  6. Snip the pointed end off the skewer.
  7. Holding up one heart apply glue to the inside of the bottom heart.
  8. Insert the skewer and glue the two hearts together.
  9. Decorate both sides of the hearts.  Make these as elaborate or plain as you want.
  10. Allow to dry.
  11. Group five together and tie them LOOSELY together with raffia, yarn, etc.
  12. String a charm on a length of trim and tie around a bottle.
  13. Tape the bottom of the hearts on a stick LOOSELY together with transparent tape.
  14. Arrange the hearts so that some are higher than the others.
  15. Inset the sticks into a bottle and arrange the hearts in a pleasing manner.

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7: Here they are all grouped together!

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  If you have any questions or something is not clear, please let me know so that I can improve the tutorial.   

Please take a moment to leave a comment and rate this post.

Thanks again. 

Cookie Cutters: Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post # 18: Kid’s Cookie Crafts & Activities

Decorate a box to resemble as stove. Fill box with kid sized baking utensils.

Cookie Cutters:  Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post # 18: 

Kid’s Cookie Crafts & Activities

Don’t limit the cookie cutter just to food!  It can also be the world’s greatest craft item & toy! 

Think of the sheer range of uses – – –

  • from simply making pretend cookies (a favorite past time of my kids as toddlers) to using a cutter as a stencil for drawing; 
  • from cutting shapes from clay with a mini cutter to coloring shapes traced with a jumbo cutter;

– – – your cookie cutter never has to stop working! 

Even your youngest can use cookie cutters to play – – – give your 2-year-old a ball of pretend “cookie dough” (modeling clay) and a cookie stamp and watch them go into the bakery business!


Uses For Cookie Cutters, Kid’s Style

Here are some ways for kids to use cookie cutters and some web sites that feature cookie cutter crafts for kids that I have found in my internet wanderings. 

  • Up first are a few project ideas I have found just listed.  I have developed them more thoroughly  and may in the future create tutorials for each.  
  • Next up are tutorials I have found since the internet craze.  These tutorials are so great that I cannot improve on them and am simply sharing the links with you.
  • Also you will find some ideas included that are not technically crafts but are neat uses anyways!


Here are a few craft & activity ideas that I have found a brief mention of in my years of collecting.  These did not have tutorials associated with them.  I hope to do a photo tutorial on some of these projects in the future. 

Bean Bags:  Use cookie cutters to create a pattern for super cute bean bags for your pre-school children to play with.  Trace a cookie cutter onto newspaper or tissue paper.  Pin it to doubled fabric (patterned side out) and cut out two matching shapes.   Sew together (patterned side in) leaving a gap to turn the fabric.  After turning, stuff the shape with beans and sew the gap shut.  Glue on embellishments: tail on animals, hair on people, rick rack on a gingerbread boy, spots on a ladybug, etc.   An alternative to machine sewing is to use felt for the beanbag and then whip-stitch the back and front together.

Bubble “Wands”:  Use mini cutters to blow bubbles.  To create a bubble wand glue the cutter to the end of a dowel.  Dip the cutter into the bubble solution being sure that the entire base of the cutter is covered.  Lift and blow.  To make your own bubble solution:  Mix together 2 C. warm water, 1/4 C. good quality dish soap (i.e. – Dawn), a little food coloring or paint/Kool-Aid powder, and 2 Tbsp. glycerin or corn syrup.

Clay Bead/Pendant: Use a mini cutter to make a clay bead/pendant for a necklace.  Knead and roll out air dry clay per package directions.  This bead will have a hole so it needs to be thick enough to “drill” a hole through without breaking.  First let the shape sit to slightly harden.  Then drill a hole through the “bead” with a toothpick.  Lay flat to dry completely.  Next paint the “bead” and allow it to dry.  Then string with other beads.

Counters & Sorters:  Place cutters in a box and let your pre-school children count them or sort them by color, shapes that go together, size, etc.  Use cutters to teach children sounds – animals, trains, etc.  Older children can use them to hone their addition and subtraction skills.

Felt Lollipops:  Make some durable lollipops by tracing a large round cookie cutter on felt.  Cut two shapes from felt and one from cardboard for each pop.  Trim the cardboard shape down slightly.  Glue one round shape to the circle of cardboard.   Trim a wooden skewer (or craft stick) to the desired length and paint it white if desired.  Turn shape over and glue the wooden skewer in the center of the cardboard.  Then apply a thin layer of glue to one side of the other circle and glue it in place.  Next decorate the pop – – – add hair, eyes and a mouth to make a “people pop”, add felt hearts or some felt swirls.   Another option to this craft project is to use a gingerbread boy cutter to make the pop.  Decorate with felt rick-rack, googlely eyes, etc.

Homemade Rattle:  String a few plastic cookie cutters on a length of soft ribbon and tie it securely for a rattle babies and toddlers will love.  Always supervise baby during use of this rattle.

Kid’s Kitchen Baking Box (pictured above):  Keep a box of baking supplies on hand in the kitchen to entertain children while you cook.  I decorated my box to look like a stove.  To make the faux stove I used a photo storage box but you could just as easily cover a sturdy shoebox with freezer paper or brown paper.  Next trace a large circular object to create two burners out of black cardstock.  I used some aluminum foil punches I made sharpening my circle punch as dials and then mounted them on black cardstock.  I drew in “on”, “off”, and “oven temps” with a gold metallic permanent maker (I found mine at Wal-mart and got 2 for $1.  These are the best thing to write on black or dark paper that I have ever found!).  I also added a black rectangle for an oven door to the top.  Then fill the box with kid sized baking goodies: miniature cooking utensils, a plastic cereal bowl for a mixing bowl, several small cookie cutters, small baking sheet, etc.  I used a purchased kit from Bed, Bath, & Beyond that is super, super cute.  I also linked a tutorial to making a homemade kid’s baking kit below (Felt Cookie Making Kit For Kids). Place the finished box in the kitchen.  Your kids will then be able to cook right alongside you.

Cookie Cutter Lacing Cards: Trace a jumbo cutter on heavyweight cardstock and trim around the shape leaving about a two-inch border. Punch holes over the xs. Lace with a shoestring.

Lacing Shape:  On a HEAVYWEIGHT piece of cardstock or cardboard trace a jumbo cutter.   I glued 2 pieces of cardstock together to get the desired thickness.  Go over the trace line with a marker.  Mark an “X” about every inch on the traced outline.   Trim around shape with pinking shears leaving about an inch to an inch and a half border.  Punch holes where the “X”s are.  Depending on your shape you may need a long reach punch.  Use hole reinforces (I found clear ones at an office supply store) to give the lacing shape more durability if desired.  Measure out a piece of yarn long enough to thread through the shapes, dip both ends in white glue and twist then allow to dry.  You can also use a colored shoestring.  Your lacing shape is now ready to use.  The shape can be laminated to make it more durable.

Macaroni Necklaces With Construction Paper Cookie Cutter Shape Pendant:  Have your children cut out shapes and decorate them.  Then punch a hole in the top of the shape and tie on a yarn “jump ring”.  Next string the pendant on yarn along with colored macaroni to create a kid inspired unique necklace!  To make colored macaroni place dry pasta shapes in a zipper lock bag, add a little alcohol, then drip in food coloring until you reach the desired shade.  It will dry lighter.  Mix the pasta and colorants well by shaking the bag.  Put on your favorite song and shake till it’s done.

Mobile:  Use cookie cutters to trace and cut out shapes from paper or cardstock to create.   The shapes can all be related (all animals, only sea creatures, etc.) or a mixture of shapes.  Punch holes in the top of cookie cutter shapes.  Cut ribbon or yarn in varying lengths and the tie one to each shape.  Tie the loose end of the ribbon to an embroidery hoop in staggered lengths (from short to long).  Suspend the hoop from the ceiling with 3 ribbons.

Recycle Window Clings:  Use as a pattern to create vinyl window or wall clings from old, tired widow clings.   Simply use a cutter smaller than the window cling to trace and cut a shape out.  Adhere to glass and enjoy!

Refrigerator Magnets:  Create refrigerator magnets using cookie cutters. Using mini cutters trace and cut out foam or felt shapes.  If needed reinforce them with cardboard glued to the back of the foam.  Use layers to create a 3D effect.  Attach a magnet to the back.  Embellish the front with fabric paint, glitter glue, etc.

Sand Shapes:  Use cutters on the beach and in the sandbox (or mud!) as sand shapers.  Pack moist sand into the cutter then lift and you have a sand shape ready to decorate with tiny shells, leaf flags, and pebbles.

Shrinky Shapes: Use as a stencil to make shapes from shrink plastic.  Color and bake per package instructions.

Sidewalk Chalk:  Use a jumbo cutter as a stencil for sidewalk chalk or as a mold to create your own sidewalk chalk.   For a “recipe” on how to make it, take a look at this post by MadMaggiesDesigns!

Sun Pictures:  Instead of a rainy day activity, this is a sunny day activity!  In the morning place a dark piece of construction paper on a flat surface in the sun.  Place various baking objects (cookie cutters, spatula, wooden spoon, etc.) flat on the sheet.   Late in the day remove the objects from the paper and see your shapes bleached by the sun!

Zipper Pull:  For a creative backpack zipper pull attach a sturdy cookie cutter to the zipper.


Listed below are links to websites I have found over the years. 

I also have pinned those with a photo tutorial to my board “Uses For Cookie Cutters” on Pinterest.  Also you will find a lot of “non-kiddie” crafts there too.  I’d love to hear from you if you have a blog, store, etc. with alternative uses for cookie cutters.


Baking Party:  This site gives details of an entire party centered around baking!  How neat is that?  Pretty neat if you ask me!

Cookie Cutter Stamping:  Make your own cookie cutter stamps out of Styrofoam or sponges. Then dip the shapes in paint and stamp on plain gift bags or brown paper creating your very own unique kid made wrapping paper!

Cookie Cutter Crayons:  I have found several ways to make these.  One involves melting the crayons on the stove top and then pouring melted crayons into a cookie cutter placed on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil.  Another just uses a muffin tin.  In yet another method you melt crayons on a jelly roll pan in the oven. Then while the wax is still warm use cookie cutters to cut shapes from the wax layer.

Cookie Jar Tote:  Here’s another craft to make for your kids.  Make this cute tote with a vinyl cookie jar on the front.  Fill it with handmade felt cookies.  So cute!

Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar:  Use a cookie sheet to create a unique Advent Calendar that the kids will love!  Instead of using 25 random magnets shown in this tutorial, how about making a set of 25 scrapbook paper-backed mini cookie cutter magnets and use scrapbook letters to number each.  It might be hard to find 25 different Christmas shapes, but non-seasonal shapes can be used or just use shapes over again with lots of different paper as the backing. Another possibility is to use toy cookie cutters.   Mini copper cutters would add extra gleam to this project! Or try your hand at making some sugar cookies out of air dry clay!  See my tutorial (link below) for instructions on making scrapbook paper-backed cookie cutters.

Dough Shapes:  Use cookie cutters and cookie stamps to cut pretend cookies out of Play Dough and modeling clay.   You can even make your own homemade modeling clay.  This site also has a few other uses for cookie cutters.

Felt Cookie Making Kit For Kids:  This pair of fantastic tutorials show you how to create a felt cut-out cookie making kit for your favorite little baker – complete with rolled out felt “dough” for the little baker to “cut” cookies from.   The kit also has “icing” shapes the child can use to decorate their cookies with.  Add a small baking sheet (Dollar Tree has some small ones or create one out of a disposable aluminum pan or a sheet of silver metallic poster board.), mini or small cookie cutters, and a miniature rolling pin and you have a kit that will entertain your little one for hours!

Fun With Food: Make up some fun with food with your kids using cookie cutters.  One suggestion is to cut a heart with a cookie cutter from a red apple and a green apple, then insert the red heart plug-in the green apple and the green in the red.  You can create the effect without the hassle of cutting a plug out of an apple simply by using a Fruit Roll-up and cutting a heart from it then “gluing” it to the apple with a little water.  In the fall use a caramel apple sheet and adhere shapes to the apple.

Fun With Food II:  Make up some fun dough for your kids to cut with their cutters.  This dough however isn’t edible, but it smells great!


Homemade Goldfish Crackers & Cutter:  This site has a great tutorial on making those perennial childhood favorites – – – goldfish shaped crackers!  It even has instructions on making your own cutter!

Homemade-Paper Stars:   Get your toddlers involved in the easy craft.  Recycle those old cards and used paper with this craft.  Make a paper pulp, tint it, and then press the paper pulp into star cookie cutters or other cutters of your choice.

More Cookie Cutter Crafts: From cookie cutter shaped magnets to cookie cutter shaped soap, this site lists several kid’s crafts that are sure to please kids of all ages.  There are even a few crafts for the home listed.

Paper Mache:  Use as a mold for paper mache shapes.  Make a mold by wrapping the bottom of the cutter with aluminum foil to create a mold.  Make paper mache and then lay strips of coasted newspaper in the cookie cutter mold.  Repeat until mold is about one half full.  Allow to dry, and then pop shape out and paint.

Shape Matching Game:  Simply trace various cookie cutter shapes on to a large sheet of heavyweight paper or poster board then go over the outline with a marker and then your little one can match the cutters to the shapes.  Laminate the paper for increased durability.  Great rainy day activity!

Soap Cookie Cutter Shapes: Use a cutter to make unique soap shapes.

State Cookie Map:  For an edible geography lesson roll out sugar-cookie or gingerbread dough and then cut the dough into the shape of your state with a cutter or a template and knife.   Make everyone their own cookie or make one big cookie map.  Decorate with icing and sprinkles and icing tubes, mark the capital and major cities (don’t forget to mark your town!) and roads & waterways.  Make it as simple or detailed as you wish.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed reading about crafts you can do with or for your kids. 

If you have any questions or something is not clear, please let me know so that I can improve the tutorial description.   

If I missed your blog on cookie cutter crafts for kids, or have come across a blog post or website please take the time to comment below.

Please take a moment to leave a comment and rate this post.

Thanks again. 


Blog Review: Kids Craft Tutorial: Valentine Heart Mobile

My Valentine GarlandThe ladybug beaded ornament.

Kids Craft Tutorial: Valentine Heart Mobile

These cute hearts by Heather were featured on Dollar Store crafts very, very recently. They are so cute I had to drop everything and try a couple.  The photos here are my takes on the project.   But Heather’s look much nicer!

See the tutorial at this link.


If you aren’t signed up for Dollar Store Crafts take a couple of minutes to tour this site. There are so many useful tips & timesavers not to mention the great craft ideas!

Here is what you will need to do this craft project:

  • 3 chenille stems (pipe cleaners), on hand or $1
  • 18 medium-sized beads, on hand or $1
  • 1/8″ ribbon or yarn, on hand or about $.50 at your local craft store
  • Pencil

These are the instructions for what I did differently than Heather.

  1. The only chenille stem I could find was a red & white striped one.  When I went to work with it my beads wouldn’t fit and I discovered that it was actually two stems wrapped together.  So I unwrapped them and they were curly!  I think it’s cute and didn’t try to straighten them.
  2. The first one I did only with heart shaped pony beads.
  3. Then I remembered I have some ladybug beads I have been panting to try in a project.  The only problem is that the hole in the bead is too small for the chenille stem to go through.  SO, I threaded the bead on a short piece of wire then threaded each end of the wire through the pony beads and tied the wire off by wrapping it around and around the stem.  Then I bent the stems up a little so the pony beads were even with the ladybug bead.  I also wired another ladybug to the point of the heart.

I really like these ornaments because you can make each one different. I am using mine as ornaments on my Valentine’s garland.

Thanks so much for reading my post.  Please leave a comment so I can pay your blog a visit. 

I’d love to hear your opinion on any of the craft projects I have done tutorials for.


Thread a short peice of wire through the bead and twist behind the bead.

WOYWW 1/25/12

Photo 1: Sectioned Fabric Box

It’s time to see WHAT’S ON YOUR WORK DESK for 1/25/2100!

Yeah!  It’s Wednesday again!  So, let’s see what’s on my work desk this week:

We are going to go “off road” today and I am going to show you some of my finds this week.

I am still working on my origination process.  And I found some cool things that might help me out.  So here are my recent finds!

Photo 1:  First off we have this cool fabric box from the Dollar Tree.  It has compartments and is fairly sturdy for a dollar!  I got 2.  They are low enough to fit in a plastic drawer or on a bookcase.  I happened to have some cardboard that exactly matches the box and used it to reinforce the bottom so I could put paint and stuff in it.  I will probably store this on the floor and put the paint I am working with at the time in it.

Photo 2: My Timesavers

Photo 2:  The second photo shows some more dollar store finds that are going to be so helpful to me in crafting!
  • First in line is a holder for cotton swabs. I am probably going to take the cotton balls and pads out and fill the space with cotton swabs. I use these to apply glue and to do some painting when I just don’t want to look around for a paint brush and really don’t feel like washing one out if I did!
  • Second in the line-up is a holder of toothpicks. I have kept having to get up and go to the kitchen for them or dig around in my paint box for one. Now I have them in a handy holder and boy do they come in handy! I use these as teeny tiny paint brushes where you just need a dab of paint or need to get in a small area. I use them to draw features on figures (ex: a gingerbread boy’s face) or to dab a tiny bit of touch up paint on a project. They also work great for applying glue too. Another thing I put them to use for is paint drying racks. When I need something elevated slightly like when the paint has run around the back and I am working on the front, I use these to make an impromptu drying rack so the painted item doesn’t stick to my paper plate. I have also recently acquired about a dozen chopsticks I paid 25 cents for at a secondhand shop. I plan to use these for bigger drying projects.
  • Last in line is a container of bamboo forks. See above for the uses. These are just a little wider and I plan to use them when paint or glue needs to be smeared. They also have two tines on one end and I think they could be used to make cool patterns in paint.

Photo 3: Stackable Embellishment Tote

Photo 3:  The third photo is of a storage “tote” I found at Target for $2.50.  It has 3 stackable trays with a lid.  It also has a handle so it’s “toteable”.  I haven’t decided what I am going to store in it yet.  Maybe my punch shapes?

Photo 4: 25 Cent Storage Containers

Photo 4:  In this photo is another Dollar Tree find – 4 stackable see through containers to store small stuff in!  These are wonderful and for 25 cents each can’t be beat!  They are short enough that they will fit in one of my deep plastic drawers.  Plus they have a see through top so I can just look down at them and see what is in the container.  I got two sets. But I might be back for more.  I plan to use these for all the small craft items that are bulky– like pom- poms!  They also fit in the plastic baskets they have at Dollar Tree (six fit in one) so they could easily be put on a shelf.

Photos 5 & 6:  In the fifth and sixth photos are some nice deep trays that I found at Target for $2.50.  I am using these to store all the items I am using for one project.  I work on multiple projects at a time – I don’t get bored that way – and as my desk space is none existent – I have to move the keyboard to craft –  I keep things on trays that I can stack when they are not in use.  The yellow tray has all the stuff I am using to create my heart shaped magnets (link below) and the red all the deals I have found this week.

Photo 5: Craft Tray With Valentine's Maganets

Photo 6: Craft Tray With This Week's Deals

Photo 7: Storage Box With Listia Auction Items

Photo 7:  In photo 7 are the deals I found for my “Baby It’s Cold Outside” craft auction on Listia.  If you are interested, Listia is a site where you win things for free using credits you earn by auctioning off your unneeded items off.  It is a great place to pick up new craft materials and share some of your excess items.


I also am working on a few other things this week too.

Please Vote For My Project: Also on my desk (well maybe the computer) is a site I just reviewed (link below).    SHinDigZ has a GREAT GIVEAWAY going.  You can enter your idea to “make life more fun” for someone.  Enter it by “liking” SHinDigZ on Facebook and then writing a paragraph on whose live you would like to make more fun and why.  You can win a gift certificate for up to $250.  Of course I have entered and if you could please run over to Facebook and VOTE FOR MY IDEA I’D APPRECIATE IT GREATLY!  You can only vote once in 24 hours. You can submit a new idea every week.  I am hoping to win a gc for my Wednesday night kids group to provide encouragement for three mission families in our state by sending them a party favor packet and handmade (by the kids) birthday card on their birthdays.


Guest Blog: I am also working on a guest blog for February 3, 2012.  Lisa of Lisa’s Craft Blog is hosting, starting January 30th, “A Love-Filled Valentine’s Event” that will run right up to Valentine’s Day.  There will be guest bloggers, tutorials and a special linky party.  Read more about it at the link below.  Sounds great.  Please stop by and support Lisa’s effort.


Cookie Cutter Crafts Series:  I’m still working on tutorials and posting my “Cookie Cutters: Not Just For Cookies Anymore” series.  I am more than half way through. Please check out my posts if you love cookie cutters! I have also combed the web looking for uses I did not have yet and have found quite a few. If you Pinterest check out my board “Ways to Use Cookie Cutters” for 100 pins about uses for cookie cutters other than making cookies (I might have a few duplicates, but not many). I will do a wrap-up post after I have posted my last tutorial. This post will give you links to the tutorials I found (did not duplicate any I have or will do) for those that have tutorials and a description of the project for those that I could not find tutorials for.  If you have any cookie cutter crafts leave me the link for your tutorial.  I will be sure to credit you when providing the link.


Thanks so much for stopping by.   Please leave me a comment.  I’d love to pay you a reciprocal visit.

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If you aren’t already linking to Stamping Ground’s WOYWW blog for the week, take a few snaps around your craft room, post them to your blog and then swing by and leave the link to your post on her blog (see below for her link).



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Featuring Lisa’s Craft Blog

I want to share a blog I have recently run across:  Lisa’s Craft Blog.  She has lots of great craft ideas, product review and not to mention the best craft blog contest that is going on right now!  Her craft projects are truly unusual.

I highly recommend checking out this blog.  Visit it now! And tell her I sent you.


In fact her contest is so great I am considering having of my own to help launch my site.  What do you think?

You can find all the rules about Lisa’s contest Grand Launch GIveaway at the url below.   Here’s hoping I win!


Candy Cane Package Topper

Candy Cane Package Decoration

Candy Cane Package Topper

I found this FANTASTIC project, FABRIC WRAPPED CANDY CANES, on Maggie’s blog; Eyeballs by Day Crafts by Night; that I absolutely LOVED. And as I had both wrapping paper and candy canes on hand it struck me that I could make great  package decorations that coordinate with my wrapping paper!

This year I used three wrapping paper designs that all “went together” so it was easy to make these package decorations that not only look cute but are also are a sweet treat to eat for the recipient.

And a great plus to this project is that it uses up that leftover scrap paper that otherwise will get tossed – or if you had a mother like mine you will save in a box until the end of time “just in case” the world runs out of wrapping paper!  And your only cost is $1 for the candy canes!  This is also simply enough for kids too!

For a great photo tutorial on wrapping a candy cane see Maggie’s post FABRIC WRAPPED CANDY CANES.  Listed below are a few pointers on using wrapping paper to wrap candy canes.


  • Wrapping paper scraps
  • Candy canes
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape (dull finish)


  1. Cut three 1 inch wide 10 inch long strips of wrapping paper that coordinate or contrast with the paper on your package to wrap the cane. Three strips will cover a regular cane. I found it easier to work with several 10 inch long strips (because that was how wide the scrap pieces of wrapping paper on the floor were!) instead of a 30 inch long continuous strip.
  2. Simply secure the first strip of paper to the candy cane with tape (use the dull finish tape so it won’t show) or some white glue.
  3. Then start wrapping the cane splicing in additional strips as needed.
  4. Finish off the cane by folding the ends of the wrapping paper in on each other around the ends of the cane.
  5. And presto – – – you have the perfect package decoration!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  I’d LOVE to hear from you!  Drop me a line below!

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