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Guest Blog: buggalcrafts



For your crafting enjoyment today here on Lisa’s Craft Blog I am presenting my Valentine ornaments. I put up a garland and a wreath before Christmas – mainly to have a place to photograph my handmade ornaments – BUT – I am going to keep them up all year to decorate for all holidays and seasons.  So look for tons of seasonal tree & wreath project to come!

The photos below are of my Valentine Garland and Baking Wreath.

At the end of the post there are photos of each project and links to the tutorial for each of the ornaments pictured.

Whether you are making a garland or a wreath I hope you find something you can use.

Valentine Baking Wreath


I’d love for you to visit my blog (https://buggalcrafts.wordpress.com) so let me tell you a little bit about what you will see when you visit.  Like I said I “dabble” so you will find a wide variety of crafts (except for sewing, knitting, crochet, etc.) especially crafts for kids.

I am in the process of a major undertaking: posting a series of tutorials & posts on crafty uses for cookie cutters.  I have collected cookie cutter craft ideas & tips for around 30 years and have over 25 craft projects involving or alternative uses for cookie cutters to share with you.  Most of the ideas do not originate from me (but I have put my own twist on them) so I hope you will find something NEW TO YOU!  I did not keep track of where I found them as most were long before craft blogs – – – heck, they were before the internet (and yes, I am that old!).


Also check out my board on Pinterest, Ways to Use Cookie Cutters”.  I have over 100 pins about using cookie cutters in crafts and food.





If you have any cookie cutter craft ideas I’d love to hear about and see them.  I would love to feature your project on my blog, giving you credit of course.  Post links to your tutorial in the comment section or e-mail photos and instructions to me.

I am toying with compiling all the ideas & tutorials into an e-book.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.  Is this something that would interest you?



 I am having a Valentine giveaway in conjunction with this guest host spot.  All you need to do is visit my blog at the link above and leave a comment about which of my Valentine crafts you like the best!  My granddaughter has picked a number to be the winner (no hints!).  I will announce the winner on  February 10, 2012 at 7:00 am.  The winner will receive a small flat rate box filled to the gills with enough Valentine craft supplies to make six ornaments featured in this post from this post (scissors, glue, paint, etc. are not included).


Please leave me a comment.  They make me so happy.  I read and answer all comments.  I’d also love to pay your blog a reciprocal visit.   And thank you again Lisa for this opportunity to blog on your space. You are really great!

Happy Crafting!

from Melba at buggalcrafts




I’d like to dedicate these Valentine’s Day crafts to the memory of my mother.  She has always been a tremendous inspiration to me.

Photo 1 Ice Cream Stick Photo Frame

Photo 1:  Ice Cream Stick Valentine’s Photo Frame: 

This simple little frame is as easy to make as it is cute.  Glue the ice cream sticks together and paint.  Later Mod Podge on heart punches.  Last add your photo.  I choose one of my mother in an angel costume.   Add a red fabric bow for the perfect finishing touch!

Photo 2 Valentine's Wooden Spoon Side A

Photo 2:  Wooden Valentine’s Spoon:  I love wooden spoons both for cooking and crafting.  Simply Mod Podge on a heart or gingerbread punch.  The spoon can also be painted any color you wish before you add the punch if desired.  As the spoon has two sides, why not decorate each side in a different manner and then flip the spoon for a whole new look!  For less than $1 for four, the price can’t be beat!

Photo 3 Measuring Spoon

Photo 3:  Heart Shaped Measuring Cup:  This ornament is a simple as it is inexpensive!  I bought a set of four heart shaped measuring cups from the local Dollar General for $1 and took them apart so with several strips of torn fabric to create ribbons I had four ornaments!

Photo 4 Gingerbread Angel

Photo 4:  Gingerbread Angels:  I just couldn’t put my new gingerbread away after Christmas, so I created these gingerbread angels to extend the use of my punch to Valentine’s Day.

Photo 5 Shower Curtain Ring Ornaments

Photo 5:  Curtain Ring (Wooden and Shower) Ornaments: 

I found and fell in love with curtain rings last summer.  There are just so many different ways to use them!  And considering that shower curtain rings are around $1 for a dozen, quite an economical craft for large groups – like a church fair, etc.

Photo 6 Mini Wooden Spoon

Photo 6:  Mini Wooden Spoons:  Simply cut the handle of a wooden ice cream spoon down to a slimmer line, Mod Podge on a heart punch and tie on a ribbon.

Photo 7 Clothespin Ornament

Photo 7:  Rusty Heart Clothespins:  Paint, glue on a bow and a metal heart, and clip on the tree – what could be easier?  Or a magnet on the back if desired.

There is no tutorial for this craft at this time.

Photo 8: Plastic Lid & Valentine Card Craft

Photo 8: Dolphin Plastic Lid Ornament

Photo 8:  Recycled Valentine’s Card & Plastic Lid Ornaments:  This is one of those “free” crafts we all love so much.  Plus it gives you something to do with those leftover Valentine’s cards and Pringle’s lids.

Photo 9 Mini Grapevine Wreath Tiny Shells

Photo 9:  Mini Grapevine Wreath:  This is a cute way to add a little easy homemade to your tree.  Drizzle some glitter Mod Podge on a mini (or why not do a full size one) grapevine wreath and then attach tiny embellishments like shells, buttons, etc.

There is no tutorial for this craft at this time.

Photo 10: Pastel Puzzle Piece Snowflakes:  This is my take on a craft by another blogger.  I loved her idea so much that I came up with several versions of it!  Who was that mysterious crafter?  Lisa of course!

Photo 11: Chennile Stem Hearts

Photo 11: Chenille Stem Heart:  This craft was featured on Dollar Store Crafts.  This is a photo of my work.  I altered the instructions a little.

Photo 12: Wire & Wooden Bead Hearts:  Cut a 14 inch piece (for an approximate 6 inch heart), bend into a rough heart shape then add wooden beads, mini spools of thread, buttons, etc.  twist ends of heart together when wire is full.  Twist the ends of the wire until the beads are taunt.  Finish off the ends by inserting in a button shank or another bead.


Photo 13:  Valentine’s Versions Cookie Cutter Craft Ornaments:   Pictured below is a photo gallery of my Valentine Cookie Cutter Crafts.

Click on the link to go to a post with links to a tutorial for each craft.

Stay tuned, there are still more Cookie Cutter Craft posts to come featuring  Mardi Gras and Easter & Spring projects.


Thank you again for reading my post.  Again, I’d love to see you again and agian when I am “home” again!  Please take the time to leave me a comment!  I LOVE comments and will asnwer each and every one! 


“Sew Cute” Handmade Greeting Card

cards 077“Sew Cute” Handmade Greeting Card


Here’s my latest handmade greeting card – and once again the theme is about something I HATE – sewing!!!!  But I do love “pretend” sewing so here it is for you to view!!!!

To make the quilt block I used a Fiskar’s Quilt Star punch and stacking square punches.  First I punched the shapes and then attached a piece of fabric to each shape.  Allow the glue to dry then cut the excess fabric off.

It was “Sew Easy!”



Handmade 4th of July Greeting Cards

Handmade 4th of July Greeting Cards

001 (2)flaG 001

Another Handmade Beach Themed Greeting Card

Another Handmade Beach Themed Greeting Card

001 (4)


I updated my palm tree look by using the stem from a Marvy Luchida Large Flower Pot Craft Punchas the tree trunk.

I used the flower pot part of the punch to make the sand pail. Make a “doughnut” with graduated circle punches to make the handle. I used a EK Success Egg Punch (1/2”) and the handle from a Punch Bunch Basket Punch to make the shovel.

For the sand castle I again used the egg punch to make the doorway and windows. To make the towers I used a small tag punch, trimming the top of the tag and then using the egg punch to make the arrow slots. For the flag I cut down a Stampin’ Up Bitty Banner Punch out down.

 Thanks for taking a look!


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