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Mini Cookie Cutter Dangle Earrings

Mini Cookie Cutter Dangle Earrings

These earrings were inspired by a pair I saw on eBay and Etsy (love those sites!!!).  I love these in that you can make a very simple chain like mine or join several chains together to make cascades of tiny buttons and cutters.

Thanks for taking a look at what is keeping me occupied in the crafting arena these days.  I’d love to hear from you!


  • Mini cookie cutters
  • Mini buttons
  • Jump rings
  • Fishhook earring wires

Also Needed

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Jump ring opener (optional)

 Photo Tutorial

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3 thoughts on “Mini Cookie Cutter Dangle Earrings

  1. Mini cookie cutters?? Those are the cutest ones i’ve ever seen! Didn’t know you even get such teeny tiny ones! 😀 Too cute for words. 🙂

    You asked me on my blog about the cracker part in christmas crackers – you probably figured out it’s the long thin brown thing from my pics. 🙂 It just makes a little “crack” sound when you tear it in half by pulling on both sides of the cracker – can’t believe you don’t find them EVERYWHERE! Hehe.

    Unfortunately i can’t be of much help as to where to find them, since i buy them at local craft stores around here, so i’ve never looked for them online, but i looked quick on the one online craft shop that i use and i didn’t see them there either.

    • Thanks for responding! Guess there is just not much of a call for them here in the USA. I will try on ebay. Do you listia.com? I’ve found it’s a great way to “trade” craft supplies. I done a couple of trades over the ocean and gotten some cool stuff we don’t have here!

    • b.t.w. I the buttons and the mini cutters come in package together. I got them at a fabric store but I’ve also seen them on ebay. Hope u can locate some becasue they are so adorable! I glue them on just about all kinds of Christmas crafts.

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