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Up-Cycled Button Container

Up-Cycled Button Container

I LOVE the buttons in the small “button containers” for around a dollar from Wal-mart and Michael’s – the ones with a plastic barrel and enormous button top – and I’ve saved all the empty containers with endless crafting possibilities in mind!

There are just so many uses for these little containers:

Decoratively store your buttons until you are ready to use them.  Try displaying them in an old shadow box!

  1. Decoratively store your tiny crafting materials (like those googley eyes that always end up EVERYWHERE) in the same manner.
  2. Use every part of the button container: Use the LARGE button top as a craft accent on a “Cute as a Button” photo frame or other button craft project.  Use the barrel of the container as a drawer organizer in a shallow drawer.  And finally use the ribbon as an ornament hanger.
  3. Turning the entire container into a sewing ornament with fabric, rick-rack, lace and buttons.
  4. What ideas can you come up with?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Please take the time to leave me a comment.

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10 thoughts on “Up-Cycled Button Container

  1. Very cute! Now I want to buy these items so I can craft with them!

  2. Thank you for sharing your cute ‘bucket’ craft! I will be using it to gift jewellry at Christmas…such a cutesy idea…. 😉

    • Thanks you for stopping in. That’s a wonderful idea! I have trouble getting the lid to stay on but u can secure it with a couple of pieces of tape and the recipient can still “open” it by breaking the seal..

  3. linda wilson on said:

    really cute I had never heard of these but I will look for them now. Thanks

    • Thank you. I’ve found them at WalMart and Micheals. Hope u find some soon. If not a great place to find craft “leftovers” is listia.com. It’s a great site to trade craft materials with others.

  4. Cathey E. DeRosa on said:

    I have several of those and this is a great idea. I never throw anything away. There’s always a use for it.

    • Thanks! Hope urs come out great. One thing I’ve done with another project is to make a “needle” out of a toothpick. Simply blunt one end with sandpaper then paint it metallic silver. Draw an “eye” on with a black marker. Then glue a short piece of embroidery thread to ur “needle”.

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