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Pay It Forward

Isn't it lovely? How did she ever know I am gaga over ladybugs? And Kasey gave her LOTS of spots too. You DO know the ledgend that if you find a ladybug in your house be sure to count the spots and that is how much luck you wil lhave that year.

Pay It Forward

We’ve all heard about “paying it forward” and know that this is a concept of doing nice things for other people to “pay back” the people who have done nice things for us, like lend us that $1 we need to have enough to pay for the week’s groceries or who gave us that 40% off coupon at the craft store.

Well, way back in February I ran across a post by Kacey Messier of “Middle of the Road” about a crafty version of paying it forward.  The premise behind this post is that you receive a handmade gift from a person who has in their turn received a gift from someone else.  You then post about the gift and select three people to send a handmade gift of your own to.

Well Kasey kept her end of the deal up and more or less promptly sent me a fantabalous gift after I indicated that I was interested in participating.  I however have been delinquent in posting about the gift and sending out my 3 gifts!

This is a short excerpt from her post and the link to the complete post.

Okay, so almost a year ago Lonna started this “Pay it Forward” project. She made gifts for three people. Each person she made a gift for had to make gifts for three more people and so on . . . I got my gift from Lonna, but I have not even gotten my three people to make gifts for yet.

Here is the link to her “Pay It Forward” post.   Stop in to see what she has to say about deadlines and to see her gift.   Do check out her blog, it’s full of “wonderful things”.


“Rules” For Participtation:

  1. Agree to take part in this project.
  2. Answer a few simple quesions about yourself:  What do you like/dislike.  What do you collect.  What are the colors of your kitchen, bath, etc.
  3. Once the gift is recieved re-blog or link this post on your blog and include a photo of the gift you recieved.
  4. Recruit three people to recieve a handmade gift from you.  The gifts must be crafted, parts can be purchased but the whole item cannot be.
  5. Mail or deliver the gifts within one month of recieving your gift.

Your Invite To Participate

I’d LOVE to send you a homemade “something” as a gift!

If you are interested in participating in this project please comment below. I will send a handmade gift to each of the first three people to respond.

If you are one of the first three please send me an e-mail to buggal1989@yahoo.com and give me some insight into your personal tastes so I can create something you’d like just for you!


buggalcrafts a.k.a. Melba


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2 thoughts on “Pay It Forward

  1. I am glad that you love it! I had so much fun making it =)

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