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Check Out What I Won!

I Won This!  Yeah!

I got a package the other day that I won from a GIVE-A-WAY.  unfortunately the package was wet and I set it aside to dry.  AND OF COURSE IT GOT THROWN AWAY!!!  I (wrongly) THOUGHT that I’d be able to find easily the person who sent it by checking my comments!

So I posted a “Please help me find the SENDER so they can know that I greatly appreciate the DISTRESS INK and SHARPIE PAINT MARKERS!” plea.

And ta-da!  The sender commented!  Yeah, now I can let you know who it’s from!

This give-a-way comes courtesy of Leanne of Because (I Think) I Can fame.


Take a look at her blog.  She has LOTS of great stuff there and some FANTASTIC GIVE-A-WAYS like the one I won!  A quote on her “About” sums up her philosophy on crafting.  I absolutely LOVE it.  It is very similar to my own.

I come up with these new ideas all the time, insisting I do them, just because I think I can!

Be sure not to miss her “Fame on Friday” and find some great bloggers that may or may not be new to you!

Thank you again Leanna!

buggalcrafts a.k.a. Melba


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3 thoughts on “Check Out What I Won!

  1. hey Melba! It was me! I hope you enjoy them!


    • I am SOOO glad u answered! I LOVE the Distress Ink. I have been playing around with it on different projects. I’ll try to post some soon. I KNOW I can use the paint pens sometime. It’s not long to Vacation Bible School so I will def use them for something then. I have to hide them though or my ganddaughter will ANNEX them and I’ll never see them again! Again thanks so much for them. I was sooo suprised to win!

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