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Cookie Cutters: Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post # 22: Party Favor & Party Ideas


It’s been a while since I made a Cookie Cutter Series post, so here is Number 22 just in time for summer wedding planning season. 

They may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of party favors, but a cookie cutter is a fun, attractive & useful party favor to give your guests.

This is especially true for themed parties such as weddings or baby showers.

While you may not go so far as having a Cookie Cutter Wedding, a cookie cutter favor can complement your next event and give your guests something that will bring you and your awesome event to mind every time they use it!


 When choosing party favor cutters here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Metal or Plastic: Silver colored metal cookie cutters will match most weddings best while colorful plastic would complement a luau best.   Copper is also an option that would work great with any fall party.
  2. Shape:  The shape should stand for something that is special about your event.  Are you celebrating a Baptism or Confirmation?  A cross cookie cutter would be an excellent choice.  Are you hosting a “Back-To-School” party? Use an apple cookie cutter of course! With all the shapes available now on-line now, you are sure to find one that makes your guests go, “Wow! That was a great time!” when they are making cookies months and even years after your party.
  3. Presentation:  Don’t just pile your cutters in a basket or hide them away in party favor bags, use them as place cards and party decorations!


 Tent Place Card: 

  • Oriental Trading and Sugarcraft have cutters that come complete with a note card that can be used as a place card.  Or you can make your own (make a sample card first). 



  • Make Your Own:
    • Purchase some blank note cards that are larger than your cutter or make your own cards by taking a half sheet of cardstock and folding it in half.
    • Print the note cards with the event information. See “Party Information to Include” below.
    • Add the guest’s name to the front of the card if you are using as a place card.
    • Make a template by tracing the cutter shape onto thin cardboard and adding a “seam allowance” of ¼ to ½ inch (so the cutter can hang freely from the card).
    • Now trace the template on the front of the note card and cut it out.
    • Next cut a small slit at the top of the folded edge of the card to thread the ribbon through and attach the cutter to the card.

 Snow Globe Place Card

  • Create this lovely cookie cutter “snow globe” with a cookie cutter, a wine glass, and artificial snow.   See the link below for a tutorial.


 “Scroll” Place Card: 

  • Print a copy of the family cut-out cookie recipe on decorative paper.  Roll it up and insert it into the mini cutter.  Or tie the scroll with raffia or ribbon and then attach the cutter.  Tie on a hang tag with the guest’s name.  Place the scroll diagonally across the plate/charger at each place setting.

 Scrapbook Paper Backed Cutter Place Card

  • Trace and cut out the cookie cutter shape from decorative scrapbook paper (glued to cardstock to reinforce it) that coordinates with the event.  Write the guest’s name on the front of the paper shape or attach scrapbook sticker letters.  Then attach the paper shape to the back of the cookie cutter with the guest’s name displayed inside the cutter with removable glue dots (so the guest can use the cutter later).  Attach a party information hang tag (see below).  Stand the cookie cutter place card beside the plate or lay it flat on top of the plate.


Plain Cutter Place Card: 

  • Simply use a plain cookie cutter as a place card. Write a name on the side with a permanent marker or attach a piece of ribbon, ribbon slide and a nametag to the cutter.





  •  Cookie Cutter Tree:  Hang the party favor cutters on an evergreen tree or a white bare branch tree.  Attach a party information hangtag with a ribbon.  Click on the link below for a tutorial on making your own tree.


  • Napkin Rings:  Mini/small cutters can be used as napkin rings.   Simply insert the napkin into the cutter and attach a party information hangtag with a ribbon.
  • Centerpiece:  Create a special centerpiece for your cookie swap party.  When you send the invitations include a “Cookie Survey” with room for a favorite recipe and best cookie making tips.  Ask the guests to return the survey well before the party so you can compile all information into a “Cookie Swap Recipe Booklet”.  Also ask party guests to bring a unique cookie cutter (vintage, new, etc.) along with cookies to trade and sample.  Fill a wooden bowl with real or artificial greenery and pick in some bows and peppermint candy picks (or for a large party substitute a greenery garland wound down the center of the table).  As the guests arrive have them tuck their cutter in among the greenery.  When the guests leave, they each pick a “new to them” cutter from the bowl.  Have several extra cutters of unique shapes on hand for people who forgot tp bring a cutter.
  • Garland:  Loosely braid raffia to make a garland.  Tie in themed colorful cookie cutter shapes cut from cardstock (example: fall colored autumn leaves, pearly pastel seashells & starfish, etc.).  Lastly attach themed cookie cutters to the garland with wire Christmas hangers.  Another alternative is to use a greenery or grapevine wreath.  Guest will then pick a cutter from the garland when leaving the event as a party favor.


Print this information directly on the place card or print on transparent address labels to stick on the card:

  • Event,
  • Honoree’s name/s,
  • The date,
  • A favorite quote or a Bible scripture
  • A “thank you for coming” note
  • Guest’s name if using as a place card.
  • Also consider adding an explanation why you choose that cookie cutter shape and what it means to you on the inside of the card (ex: “the beach is a special place to us.  It’s where we meet.”).


  • Attach several to balloons as balloon weights.
  • Stencil cookie cutter designs on cloth napkins with fabric markers or fabric paint. For holidays, wedding or baby showers, or birthdays add the date & event.  Let the guests take their napkin home as a party favor.
  • On a bridal or baby shower invitation ask each guest to bring a special cookie cutter either new or from their collection.  Mail hang tags with ribbons already attached with shower invite for the guest to write in this info: who gave the cutter, why they choose that shape, history of the cutter if vintage, etc.  Have extra tags at the event on a table near an entrance (have lots of pens!).   After guests have completed the hang tag they it on the cutter and then hang it on a white branch tree or place in a wooden bowl.  The shower honoree’ gets the cutters at the end of the shower.
  • Create a party favor box from a cookie cutter.   Trace the cookie cutter on heavy cardstock and cut it out.  Glue the shape to the back of a cookie cutter.  After it dries, fill it tightly with small candies (M&M’s, Skittles, etc.) and then wrap with clear or colored cellophane.  Fill with confetti for a party or New Year’s  celebration. Secure  with a rubber band then tie on a ribbon and make a bow.
  • Play a party game using cookie cutters.    Place a variety of fun shaped cookie cutters in a bag. Have guests sit in a circle and pull out a cutter. They must start (or add several lines) to a story using that shape of cutter in the story.


Wouldn’t cutters make great favors at a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party? If you’ve never hosted or been to a party like this you simply open your home and ask people to bring several dozen (number depends on the number of guests) of one type of cookie and copies of the recipe.  At the party you sample the sweet treats and then take home several dozen different cookies.  I did a little search on the internet and I found this site that has some great tips on a cookie exchange party.



Photo 1: Trace template on front of card.

Photo 2: Allow about 1/4 inch seam allowance so cutter will swing freely.

Photo 3: Cut out shape and then cut a slit in top of the card to thread a ribbon through.

Photo 4: Thread a ribbon through the slit and through the cutter then tie a knot behind the card.

Photo 5: Cutter should hang freely in the cut-out. Write name on front of place card. Consider gluing information about the cutter inside the card: why you chose the cutter, etc.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  If you have any questions or something is not clear, please let me know so that I can improve the tutorial.   

Please take a moment to leave a comment and rate this post.

Thanks again. 

buggalcrafts a.k.a. Melba

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