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Pre-School Sunday School Lesson Craft: God Made All The Animals Gen 1:1

Pre-School Children’s Sunday School Lesson Craft: God Made All The Animals Gen 1:1

I am teaching the Pre-School (4&5 year old) Sunday School class at the church I attend.    I always do a craft related to the lesson usually using each step as a teaching point.  I have found the children I teach LISTEN to and LEARN the lesson better if I use a multi-media approach to teaching.  And while I love the literature we use, the recommended activities & craft projects just do not fit my class well.  So I use the literature, an internet search and much prayer to develop a  craft project that I can use to teach from.

I’d like to start sharing some of the projects I use with you.   I can not promise that all will be unique or earth shattering, but they are what my Lord has revealed to me as a way to reach the children I am teaching.  So without any further ado here is the first.

Our  lessons this month are from Genius 1:1 “God created…”. This week’s lesson was that God created the animals. The emphasis of the lesson was that God created ALL kinds of animals and each animal was uniquely made BY GOD’S WORD and not by chance.

After much prayer I created this animal worksheet. I started with a large sheet of construction paper and then glued smaller pieces of construction paper to represent different environments animals live in. I wrote “opposite” words in the various “locations” describing the animal’s sizes, the way they move. etc. (ex: BIG, small and slither, hop.

We started the lesson by reading the verses pertaining to the creation of animals. We started by looking at the “sky” and I asked the kids to name some animals that flew (ex: birds). I gave them stickers I had picked out beforehand and they then glued them on the paper.

You could also have the kids draw animals on the paper. After we had placed all the stickers we reviewed the lesson points:

  • God created the world then He created animals that could live there.
  • God made these animals from nothingness. He did not need to do anything but SPEAK and they were created.
  • There are many KINDS of animals that LIVE almost everywhere in the world. They come in all SIZES. They MOVE in all kinds of ways. God created them ALL and it was GOOD.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it.  If you have any questions or something is not clear, please let me know so that I can improve the material.

Please take a moment to leave a comment about the lesson or any similar project you have used.

I’d love it if you’d rate this post.

Thanks again.

Melba a.k.a. buggalcrafts


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2 thoughts on “Pre-School Sunday School Lesson Craft: God Made All The Animals Gen 1:1

  1. Michelle on said:

    Love this idea I teach kindergarten at my church and was looking for an activity to do to add to their books ususually I just give them stickers and let them stick them where ever they want but I love the idea of dividing it into sections and discussing different environments animals live. Great idea

    • Thanks. My “kids” just graduated to 2nd grade and I’ve got a new group of 3 year olds and one (age 4) who has been in Sunday School. The others just came out of the Nursery. Today was our first Sunday. I miss my old babies but it won’t take long to pull the newbies into my heart! I love to hear any of your ideas. I’m having to go “down” in lesson and activities.

      For our Wednesday nights to start out with we are going to do an “About Me” series. I have some little books for them to draw pictures in them and we will do some other things like do handprints, height and weight, likes, etc.

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