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Carrot Shaped Napkin & Silverware Bundles: With Buttons!

Carrot Shaped Napkin & Silverware Bundles: With Buttons!Today my dental hygienist passed on a black & white “Pinterest Printout” to me (so who doesn’t Pinterest?). So of course after I left the dentist I went straight (well, in a MANNER of speaking) to the store to buy some orange napkins and green plastic silverware to make the project.

As soon as I got home I sat down and pulled up Pinterest to find the directions.  A few clicks and I found myself at a new-to-me blog:  Suburban Euphoria by Erin.


She starts off her post on these carrot shaped napkin and silverware bundles with a challenge to search Google images and see if her version isn’t the cutest around (she even offered to wait)!

So I took her up on her challenge!  There are so many different ways you can make these.  They really dress up the table and also look great is a basket on the buffet table.  Really combines usefulness and beauty.

So, what was my opinion after taking the challenge?  Erin is RIGHT, her carrots with a little something extra really pop!

So I set out to make some of my very own.  I quickly located some green chenille stems (mine were plain) but unlike Erin I didn’t have a handy basement with a stash of green tissue paper on hand but I did have some green t-shirt material cut into strips with pinking shears and some green netting not to mention lots & lots of green buttons!

There are lots of photo tutorials on wrapping the treasures and Erin does such a great job of showing you how to wrap the utensils with a napkin that I simply just do not need to do so again.

Here are a few photos of some other things you can do after the silverware bundles are wrapped.

Photo 1: Prepare your materials as directed in Erin’s tutorial. Thread green buttons onto a green chenille stem and thread them about 6 inches down. Wrap the green utensils in an orange napkin as directed in the tutorial.

Photo 2: Wrap the chenille stem around the napkin taking care to catch all loose ends of the napkins.

Photo 3: Wrap the stem around the button to secure the silverware bundle.

Photo 4: For a little extra green tuck a strip of green t-shirt material or netting under the chenille stem.

So, now that you know how to, what are you waiting for? Christmas??

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  If you have any questions or something is not clear, please let me know so that I can improve the tutorial.   

Please take a moment to leave a comment and rate this post.

Thanks again. 

Melba a.k.a. buggalcrafts


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2 thoughts on “Carrot Shaped Napkin & Silverware Bundles: With Buttons!

  1. The button is BRILLIANT!!! I love them & think you did a fantastic job!!!

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