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Foam Shamrock Crafts

Foam Shamrock Crafts

Feeling Lucky This Month?

The shamrock has long been used to explain the Trinity and even Saint Patrick is said to have used the three-leaved plant to teach the then pagan Irish about the three persons of God.   

Wearing & displaying shamrocks and shamrock-inspired designs have come to symbolize Saint Patrick’s Day.

Use foam shamrock shapes and embellishments to create ornaments for a seasonal tree or wreath, lapel pins, magnets, or bookmarks.

This craft is easy enough for kids and the variations of designs are infinite therefore interesting to a wide range of ages. 


Foam Shamrock Crafts



  • Foam clovers, assorted colors and sizes
  • Craft foam, assorted shades of green
  • Green glitter foam
  • White & green foam heart stickers (glitter & plain)
  • Trim: rick-rack, lace, ribbon
  • Embellishments: buttons (green & white), lady bugs, pompoms, etc.
  • Thin white ribbon for hanger
  • Tie tack pin backs
  • Magnets

Also Needed

  • Scissors
  • Foam glue
  • Heart punch, assorted sizes
  • Paint brush or cotton swab


The craft projects in the post are all based on the same basic design.  Instead of doing a step-by-step tutorial I am going to post a few simple directions then I am going to post a number of photos with design variations.

  1. The base shamrock is reinforced by backing with green (use a different shade than the base) or white craft foam or by adding foam hearts or smaller shamrocks (use a different color than the base) to the front of the project.
  2. The center of the shamrock is embellished with a bow and topped with a button or ladybug.
  3. It is important to get a flat bow for the center.  Otherwise the center embellishment will not lay flat.  To get a flat bow do not pull the ends tight.  Leave the bow loosely tied and then flatten the center.
  4. A ladybug may be added to a leaf for extra interest. 
  5. Other tips are included in the caption of each photo.


  • When applying glue spread it on with a cotton swab. 

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  If you have any questions or something is not clear, please let me know so that I can improve the tutorial.   

Please take a moment to leave a comment and rate this post.

Thanks again. 

Melba a.k.a. buggalcrafts 


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2 thoughts on “Foam Shamrock Crafts

  1. Very cute! I’m also working on a few crafts for my blog, I just bought a cute shamrock cookie cutter that I will be using as a pattern, so will share, but love your crafts, very cute!!! gotta love a crafty person:):)


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