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It’s All About The Beads!

Mardi Gras Is Almost Here…

And It’s All About The Beads!

Your beads look great by the light of day, but how about after darkness falls?

 Use these quick tips to make your beads “light up” the night!

Here are a couple of quick & easy ideas for dressing up your beads to be equally pretty in the NIGHT as by the light of DAY!

This is the perfect “trinket” for your kids to make as a classroom handout.  It’s sure to be a class favorite. Make these for your tween’s next night-time party.

Don’t just keep these ideas filed away for Mardi Gras only, with a few changes they can fit any occasion or holiday:

  • Change the color of the beads, ribbon and glow sticks. Ex: Red beads, white & pink ribbon and red glow sticks make an unusual Valentine handout. Green beads, white ribbon, and green glow sticks would be perfect for your St. Paddy’s Day (night?) shindig. Red beads, patriotic ribbon and blue glow sticks will make the Fourth shine.
  • Change the shape center bead and colors of the inner and outer pony beads and the color of the threading twine to fit the holiday or occasion. Ex: For Valentine’s Day use red, pink & white ribbon and pony beads. Substitute a heart-shaped bead for the Mardi Gras baby bead.


  1. To dress up a strand of beads simply tie a light stick on with three pieces of narrow satin ribbon in contrasting colors that coordinate with the color of the beads. Ex: pink, fuchsia & lavender ribbon with red beads; purple, green & yellow ribbon with purple, green or gold beads; blue & white ribbon with blue beads. Use glow sticks that match the color of the beads.
  2. To make your own beaded necklace string a glow stick on about 34 inches of beading twine that is fine enough to fit through the beads but is strong enough to not break if tugged on. Then sandwich a shaped bead between two pony beads. Tie knots above and below the pony beads. Lastly tie on two or three pieces of metallic ribbon in the same colors as the beads below the beads. In the example a metallic finish baby bead, twine, pony beads, metallic ribbon, and glow sticks in Mardi Gras colors (purple, green & yellow) was used.

About 6 inches up from the middle of the beading twine tie a double (or triple) knot. Thread on a pony bead in the first color then the baby bead in the second color and lastly a pony bead in the third color. Tie another triple knot directly above the third bead. Knot the ends of the twine. Tie on three short pieces of ribbon mid-way between the bead set and the middle of the twine and double knot.

 Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  If you have any questions or something is not clear, please let me know so that I can improve the tutorial.   

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Thanks again. 



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