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Designer Look Mug From a $1 Color Your Own Mug Kit!

Designer Look Mugs Set 1

Designer Look Mugs Set 2

Designer Look Mugs From Color Your Own Mug Kits

Want to make a designer look mug from a color your own mug kit?  It’s a snap!

Great craft project for the kids.  Perfect for a Valentine’s, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or anytime gift.  This can easily be customized to the recipient’s likes and hobbies.  For example; use kitty cat scrapbook paper and embellishments for a cat lover, doggie for a dog lover, and fish paper for a fisherman. 

Materials & Costs

  • Color your own mug kit- $1 and up
  • 12”x12” scrapbook paper sheet (1 sheet makes 2 mugs) – 20 cents a sheet an up
  • Scrapbook paper scraps– on hand
  • Trims (lace, rick-rack, ribbon, etc.) & embellishments (buttons, stickers, foam shapes, etc.) – on hand or $1 and up

Also Needed

  • Scissors – on hand
  • Paper punches – on hand
  • Glue stick – on hand
  • White glue – on hand

My Costs

  • I have several Color Your Own Mug Kits on hand that I bought after Halloween for 30 cents each.  I bought several 40 sheets scrapbook paper during the summer for around $3 each, so I have a ton of paper in various colors and patterns on hand.  I have completed several projects using that paper.  I did use a half page of the religious paper I had left over from another project.  Of course I have loads of paper scraps on hand.  All the trims were left over from other projects or bought in packages of assorted trims from a thrift shop or won on Listia.  So my mugs cost less than $1 each to do.


  1. Assemble materials.
  2. Simply take a 12″x12″  piece of “designer” scrapbook paper and lay one of the “color your own” insert that comes with the kit on top of it.   Mark the height and length of the strip needed using the “color your own” insert as a guide. Cut strip out. Mark a faint “x” in the top right hand corner of your new insert.
  3. Turn paper around and measure a second insert starting from the new “bottom” of the page.  Both inserts will then have a totally straight edge (if you are like me and can’t cut a straight line this is essential!).  The top edge will be hidden by the top of the mug so if it’s not totally straight the insert will still be straight.
  4. Cut the paper inserts out and then insert each into a mug to check fit, being sure the bottom uncut straight edge goes down (use the “x” to orient the insert).  Trim if needed.
  5. Decorate with trims (ribbon, lace, rick-rack, etc.).   Add flat embellishments (like punches, buttons or fabric flowers) as accents pieces.
  6. If desired use scrapbook letters to spell out a name.
  7. After the insert is dry place it in the mug per kit directions and your new designer look mug is finished!

Using insert that comes with the mug kit, trace an insert from scrapbook paper on the back of the sheet. Mark upper right hand corner with an "X" to serve as a refrence point.

Love, Peace, Live Mug

Gingerbread boy & girl on a brown and blue floral insert.

Lace covered floral insert with contrasting hearts embellished on top.

Religious sayings insert with hearts from the same paper glued on a brown deckled border strip.

Lace and button embellished "Hearts In A Row".

Floral "Mom" mug.


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2 thoughts on “Designer Look Mug From a $1 Color Your Own Mug Kit!

  1. Can’t wait to try this idea using some of my snapshots!

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