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WOYWW 1/18/12

Full View of My Valentine Garland

WOYWW 1/18/12

So, what’s on my work desk today?  Let’s take a look!

The all seeing eye of the camera pans around the room and here’s what the camera sees!!!

First up is my current project – – – my Valentine Garland.  I recently posted about the garland giving a preview of the ornaments I will be featuring tutorials on in the upcoming weeks.

The craft project from the garland I am currently working on is a set of Gingerbread Angels.  I am currently working out the bugs and taking photos for the tutorial.  What do you think?  Little cuties or what?  If you would really love to do this project, keep an eye out – the tutorial will be posted this week.


Next in the line up is continuing to organize my craft niche.  Slowly but surely it is taking shape!  I am draggin in lots of plastic drawer sets from the shed.  That entails emptying the ones in the shed out!!! Arrrkkk!

I am also thinking about having a craft giveaway soon for some craft supplies.  You would enter by sharing one of my craft project posts on your blog and then commenting on my post with the link to your post.   What would you be intereted in – Christmas, Valentine or Mardi Gras craft tiems?  Those are the choices I am considering.  I don’t know if it’d be better to just do miscalenous supplies or to put together “kits” for one of my craft projects?  What do you think?

I’d appreciate your input in this.  It will be my first giveaway.  I just started my craft blog before Christmas and am trying to get my following up.

If you aren’t already linking to Stamping Ground’s WOYWW blog for the week, take a few snaps around your craft room, post them to your blog and then swing by and leave the link to your post on her blog (see below for her link).


Thank you for reading my post.

Please take a moment to leave a comment and rate this post.  I answer all legit comments.


Thanks again. 

Paper sorted by season!

Scraps sorted too!

This one is the BEFORE!!!!

Putting shelves to the best use!

I'm short and can use the space beneath the desk!


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15 thoughts on “WOYWW 1/18/12

  1. Hi there, just a flying visit this morning, trying to get round to as many desks as I can before work starts! Thanks for sharing your creative space.
    I hope the rest of your week goes well for you.

  2. Great job in organising your craft things – I could easily spend more time organising all my stuff than doing any actual crafting!
    Loving the Valentine garland too, great idea!
    Thanks for sharing and for your comment on my blog!


  3. Things are shaping up nicely. I like angels and gingerbread men, so the combo is fun!

    • thanks so much! i love the little angels too! i will be posting a tutorial on them soon. when i do i will have a giveway where some lucky person who takes a look and comments wil win some gingerbread men and heart punches to make their own angels from!

  4. Ooohhh, I love to organize! Good luck with your projects!

  5. love your valentine garland and well done on sorting out your craft supplies, an evil necessity sometimes!

  6. The garland is such a cute idea; I don’t think that we Brits ‘celebrate’ valentines as much as you guys, certainly we don’t decorate our homes..we must try harder! Don’t worry about your blog numbers..it’s all in thework…you post lovely stuff and you get around and comment, in reciprocation, your numbers will come!

  7. I think i spend to much time organising but it seems we all do it, I have seen lots of decorations for valentines day on various blogs but as Julia already mentioned we hardly celebrate it here in the UK, we never used to for halloween either but now more people do take part in that, it must be lovely having lots of special days to celebrate and decorate for, I adore the garland. I think once people start visiting your blog you will get lots of followers, i am joining right after i have finished typing this have a good week x Lou x

  8. Hello there, organising a craft space is a never ending job, my advice is not to start it, lol!! Love the little garland with the cute angels and gingerbread men! We don’t celebrate it in our house, maybe I should start a new tradition!

    Brenda 104 on the list

    • Valentine’s is a vey fun holiday. I give the kids present and if I tell my hubbie EXACTLY what I want I’ll get it. But I have to give so many detaile – like the store, where in the store it is, how much it costs, etc. – so I just get money now! Thanks for the compliments!

  9. I really like the gingerbread angels!

    Happy WOYWW (on Monday!)
    Katie #16

    • thanks! i love the punch. i got it just before Christmas. i’ll prob post the tutorial tonight. i plan to put a set of punches (hearts too) up on Listia.com – if u’ve never heard of it the stuff is free – u just have to pay for shipping. i usually do free shipping on my auctions. u do have to earn credits to bid with. u get some free for signing up and then earn more by auctioning ur stuff. u can just pile together a bunch of stuff u do’t need anymore and SOMEONE will bid on it!!!! i have found it’s a great place to get craft materials. i’ll either list enough for 6 or 12 angels. havn’t decided yet. if ur interested let me know and we can work out a listing. thanks again!!!

  10. Think your doing good with your storage sorting out 🙂 you have a good size space to work with too by the look of it! I still have a bit of a way to go myself at organizing stuff. Love your recent projects!

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