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Cookie Cutters: Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post # 10C: Craft Foam “Cut-out Cookies”

Cookie Cutters:  Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post # 10C: Craft Foam “Cut-out Cookies”

Foam Valentine "Cookies"

Assorted Foam Christmas "Cookies"

This continues the previous two posts in “cut-out cookies” series.   Click the links below to view these posts.

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Craft foam “cookies” can be used the same way as the paper ones but are more durable and can be saved and used year after year.

Craft foam is more expensive than paper so these will cost more to make, but the increased durability of the ornaments more than makes up for the cost.  However if you use craft foam from the Dollar Tree and buy it on sale or with a coupon at a hobby store these are not too very expensive, though not a cheap as some paper ornaments of course!

Again as cookie cutters are available for almost every season or occasion these can be made for every season and reason!  As Valentine’s Day is coming up the ones I choose to feature are hearts!


  • Tan/light brown craft foam for “cookies” 
  • White craft foam for “icing”
  • Assorted color thin craft foam (to punch or cut)
  • Ribbon/jute/other trim for hangers
  • Embellishments: coarse glitter, very fine white glitter, glitter glue, etc.)

Also Needed

  • Simple shaped cookie cutters, nesting/non-nesting
  • Scissors
  • Foam Glue (see NOTE at the end of this post)
  • Cotton swabs or paint brush
  • Small container for glue
  • Assorted hole punches (optional)
  • Static Guard (optional)


Make Cookies: See the post “Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post # 10A: Paper Cut-out Cookies” for instructions on making “cookies”.  Follow the instructions substituting the term “craft foam” for “paper”.  Project specific directions are listed below.

 Alternative Method:    This method involves using a set of nesting shapes.  The larger one is the “cookie” and the smaller the “frosting”. A photo tutorial is posted below. 

  • Use the larger shape to trace the “cookie” shape on a heavy light brown/tan paper and cut shapes out. Save the scraps to punch holes & other punches from.
  • Arrange the smaller nesting cookie cutters on WHITE paper in a way as to maximize paper use.
  • Trace the inside of the smaller cutters on the paper.
  • Cut the shapes out. Again save the scraps to punch holes from.
  • Trim white shape if needed so it fits inside the TAN shape.  Glue the WHITE shape onto TAN shape with a glue stick.  Let dry. Decorate.

Photo Tutorial:

Step 1: Gather supplies.

Step 2 Lay Out To Maximize Foam Use

Step 3: Select a smaller nesting shape to cut the "icing" part of the cookie.

Step 4: Trace & Cut Out "Icing" Shapes

Step 5: Trim The Edges of "Icing" & "Cookie" As Needed.

Decorate “Cookies”:  You will decorate these “cookies” in the same manner as the “paper” ones.  Here are some designs to give you a starting place.

  • The thin craft foam you buy at Dollar Tree or Dollar General and in some foam craft kits can be punched using regular paper punches.  If the foam fits inside the punch but the punch itself comes out raggedy, then the foam is too thin.  Back it with a piece of plain paper and the fit both inside the punch and punch.  Your foam punch should come out nicely.  Note that your paper punch will be ragged.

Design 1: Cut 3 thin foam strips and glue down. Punch ½ inch hearts from two or more colors of craft foam and arrange in rows as shown. If you don’t have a heart punch use a round hole punch instead.

Design 2: Simply add hearts in one or more colors.

Desgin 3 Photo !: Using a smaller nesting cookie cutter than the one used for the "cookie" as a guide, trace the inside and the outside of the cutter. Thie will give you a "icing" border to cut out.

Desgin 3 Phot 2: Fold the foam and snip close to the line. You will want to save the middle of the white heart.

Desgin 3 Photo 3: Glue "icing' outline to the "cookie".

Desgin 3 Photo 4: Free hand a smaller "icing" heart from the middle of the outline "icing" heart. Glue it in the middle of the "cookie" and add a free hand or punched heart to the center.

Desgin 4 Photo 1: Cut a small square about the size of the "O" you want to make. Punch a hole in the center or the square.

Desgin 4 Photo 2 Trim around the square to complete the "O". Cut a thin strip of foam and then cut into smaller pieces to form and “X”. You can also use foam alphabet stickers.

Desgin 5 Photo 1: Use white buttons for the stripes on a red foam candy cane.

Finish Project: 

  • For a realistic “icing” gleam apply a thin layer of Foam Glue over the “icing” and then sprinkle very fine white glitter over the glue.  Allow to dry and it’s ready to use!


  • Foam Glue bonds craft foam together in a superior manner.  I prefer it for all my white glue needs.  I use Foam Glue from Wal-Mart and Creatolgy Foam Glue from Michaels.    Both are EXCELLENT products!
  • Oriental Trading Co. has some very nice foam “cut-out cookie” for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day and several gingerbread kits.  The ones I have tried are almost all of a very nice quality and very affordable.  As an added benefit all the cutting is done for you.  You simply assemble them and decorate!  The kits come in packages of 12 and usually have 3 designs.  But with a little bit of imagination and some supplies of your own, you can have 12 different cookies!  I am a “Top 10 Reviewer” on orietlatrading.com and have posted reviews on the kits I have tired (Christmas cut-out cookies and gingerbread) with photos of how I customized the kits.  Please check it out!  Most of the kits were still available at the time of this post.






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