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Altered-Art dot Net Review

Altered-Art dot Net


I call myself doing ‘altered art’ when I take something like a store bought Christmas ornament and then take it an change it by painting over it and starting fresh or I take something that is a decorative item and then add craft items to it.  I don’t know if this is really what is meant by the term ‘altered art’.  What is your opinion?  Since I didn’t have a clear picture of what the term meant I went to the web for a search and this is one of the best sites I found.

Up for your consideration is this site that tries to answer the apparently simple question ‘What is altered art?’.

Did you know that “the practice of altering existing works of art goes all the way back to the Middle Ages?”

And some great names in the art world that you will recognize immediately engaged in the practice of “altered art”?

It appears there are two stances on what ‘altered art’ is.

  • “Involves altering or combining existing works of art to produce new pieces of artwork.”
  • “The transformation or ‘alteration’ of ordinary, everyday objects into artistic pieces using, for example, rubber stamps, fabric, paper, paint and fibers.”Read more: http://www.altered-art.net/altered-art.html

This site has some great background information and instructions on techniques.

Read more: http://www.altered-art.net/altered-art-techniques.html

David and Maria, the site’s founders, are on hand to answer all your questions about this exciting form of creative expression.

I have started posting some of the things I do on my brand new craft blog. Take a look and comment to let me know your opinion on my projects – ‘altered art’ or not!

Making a wooden spoon & measuring cups into a work of art:




Making a cookie cutter into a work of art:


 Making a plastic lid into a work of art:



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