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My Storage Solution: Storage of Craft Foam Scraps

 My Storage Solution:  Storage of Craft Foam Scraps

I save the scraps from craft foam and scrapbook paper & cardstock projects to punch holes and shapes from or to use when I need to try out an idea or otherwise need a small piece of craft foam.

I have kept them in a zip-lock bag for years and HAVE NOT been happy with that storage method but have never done anything about it.  Until last night!

I started making foam sugar cookie & gingerbread ornaments for my “Cookie Christmas Tree” before Christmas and recently started doing photo tutorials for my “cookie cutter” posts.  So I have daily, no – many, many times a day – pulled that bag out to get a small piece of craft foam for one use or another!  And how many times did I put it back in the basket of craft foam?  How much time have I wasted looking for it? Well, I’m not answering those questions!!!  But let’s just say I’ve spent more time than I needed too looking for a small piece of foam!

So, I really, really needed a better storage solution!  And last night it occurred to me – – – put the scraps in that empty 1 gallon jar you have just sitting around empty!

Now I need a jar for my scrapbook paper & cardstock scraps!

How about using that tea jug that is leaking around the spigot? One more thing given a new life and kept out of the landfill!


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