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Hey Stamping Ground – Here’s WOY(M)WW!

WOYWW?  WOE? That’s “what on earth…?” and “what’s on your (my) workdesk?”!!!

Posting this to answer that age old question – “Baby, What DID you do ALL day?”.  Well, here is what I am up to:

My work desk is at the computer. It's the perfect hiegth. I can sit down and work. And it's so handy to upload photos and blog!


I have 3 catagories of projects going on right now:


#1: Organizing my craft STUFF! So far my craft foam is organized! Ha! Ha! Actually I am gathering up all my crating materials and sorting them into plastic dwarers stacked on top of each other. I have claimed a corner of the living room as my crafting area. Now when I get back on my feet in a few weeks (had surgery recently) I'll get it all sorted!!!

#2: My next biggest project is taking a file "Cookie Cutters: Not Just For Cookies Anymore" in which I have kept ideas for using cookie cutters that I have collected for the past 25 years. I am now in the process of taking each catagory of projects and beefing up the written tutorials and creating photo tutorials. I am publishing these craft projects in a series of 25 posts.

#3: An ongoing project I started this summer is to weed out and give away my excess crafting material on Listia. The problem is I keep spending the credits earned on MORE crafing supplies! Give Listia a chance - give away your stuff and get great NEW TO YOU stuff in return!

This is one of the projects I am working on right now - a sign for my craft area. Like it?

A project I worked on last night. I have a post on this with the link to a tutorial by a very nice crafter. Take a look at it and make some yourself. These are snowflakes made from puzzle peices!


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14 thoughts on “Hey Stamping Ground – Here’s WOY(M)WW!

  1. The new year just seems like a great time to organize craft stuff… I should definitely do that it’s like a craft store exploded in my space right now!

    Hope you get back on your feet soon.

    I loved those puzzle piece snowflakes too!

  2. Gosh, you are a busy bee, Lots going on love the sign for your craft room, sums up what we do, (that is me), well my family would say so. The cookie cutter project sounds fun, good luck, Happy 2012, Hugs May x x x

  3. Michele on said:

    love your crafty projects!

  4. The sign made me smile. 🙂

  5. Well you’ve got a lot going on! I love the. Idea for the cookie cutters posts, will watch with interest for sure! Great to have you on the WOYWW train!!

  6. Anne West Midlands UK on said:

    Hi there a bit late I know am trying to visit everyone. You have a lot of projects on the go – good luck with it all. Like the sign for your craft area. Happy 2012. Anne x

  7. Like Anne, I am trying to visit everyone this week. You are such a busy crafter that I am not sure how you find time to visit others. Good luck with all you are doing. Maggie #72

    • right now i am recovering from surgery so i have all day and night (having trouble sleeping) to hang out and craft! i have been on the couch or in the computer chair for 4 weeks now. can finally bend over and ick stuff off the floor and do a little limited cleaning but i have 3 more weeks till i’m released!!! will take a run over to ur site now!

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