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Cupcake Ornaments

This are goldilock’s cupcakes! Don’t they look good enough to eat?

Cupcake Ornaments

I found this cute project idea on the Dollar Store Crafts site.  Take a minute to “Pin It” so that you can make some of these for Christmas 2012!

When I saw these I just HAD to make some of these little cuties for my “Cookie Christmas Tree” – – – I guess it was upgraded to a “Baking Sweet Treats Christmas Tree”!

I was lucky enough to find some GINGERBREAD cupcake liners at Michael’s for a $1.99 before Christmas (how prefect!).  I also got some green & red patterned ones at the Dollar Tree which is where I picked up the ball ornaments.  I also had some regular cupcake size liners and some regular size balls on-hand so I made some larger ones too.  I also couldn’t find any of the berries that looked right so mine don’t have “cherries”.   And I used glue dots to secure the balls in the cupcake liners instead of using a glue gun.  I also used different colors for my ornaments – different color balls, paint and glitter.  Each one is unique.  I gave a lot of these as little token gifts.

I had all the other materials (paint and glitter) on-hand so these ornaments cost less than $4 to make.  Really not even that much, because I have used the ornament balls for lots of other craft projects.

Thank to goldilocks for the craft project tutorial.  Here is the link to the tutorial:




Here are some photos of the ornaments I made. 






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