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Cookie Cutters: Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post #:6: Gingerbread Cookies on Copper Cookie Sheet

Change the stickers to Valentine’s cookies (foam Valentine’s cookie stickers are available from Oriental Trading Co.) and hang these on your Valentine Cookie Tree!

Cookie Cutters:  Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post #:6:  Gingerbread Cookies on Copper Cookie Sheet

This is not technically a cookie cutter craft, but it is a cut-out cookie craft so I am including it in this series.

In 2011 I finally realized my longtime dream of having a “Cookie Christmas Tree”.  See my first posts to see photos of my tree.  I had a box full of cookie themed ornaments but want some more to round out my tree.  So I sat out to make some.  I purchased some kits from Oriental Trading and looked up others on-line and even bought a few.

A longed for ornament was gingerbread cookies on a cookie sheet – I have one, but wanted more!  Back during the summer I made an appeal to my church family for round plastic lids to make Apple Coasters for Vacation Bible School.  Someone brought me a plethora (still love that word!) of rectangular lids from baby food containers.  I used a few and created Abstract Art Apple Coasters.  But I was left with a ton of lids with the inserts already glued in, so I set my mind to think of what I could use them for – – – and came up with several great ideas!  One was a flag coaster.  I will post that tutorial at a later date.  And then in November when I started looking at Christmas ornaments for cookie sheet ornaments it occurred to me that I could paint something metallic and make my own.  So I trolled the aisles at Wal-marts thinking of things to paint. Mason jar lids popped to mind first and I stopped by the canning section and looked at them and then inspiration struck – – – the baby food lids!  So I developed this craft project.

Change the cookie stickers and you can have Cookie Sheet Ornaments for any holiday you can find cookie stickers for.

I hope you enjoy this project and have fun making it.  If you Listia (get stuff for free!) I will be happy to list an auction for you for materials (lids, inserts, stickers, and cookies for Santa ribbon hangers) a pair of these ornaments for you to make.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions on this tutorial.  Please comment on & rate this project and let me know what you think.


  • Rectangular plastic baby food lid (free)
  • Thin plastic (on hand)
  • DecoArt Multi-purpose Sealer ($1.50)
  • FolkArt Copper Metallic paint ($1.50)
  • Cookie stickers ($1 per book) or mini gingerbread ornaments ($1 for 8) or Foam Gingerbread Stickers from Oriental Trading (2 cents each)

Also Needed:

  • Paint brushes (on hand)
  • Foam glue (on hand)
  • Glue Dots (on hand)
  • Fine sandpaper (on hand)

Total Cost:  $4 for as many as you want to make using the cookie stickers or $4 for a set of 2 if using the mini ornaments.  Purchased ornaments of this type run anywhere from $5 to $8 each.


  1. Assemble supplies. Start with a clean plastic rectangle baby food lid (I used Gerber).  The inside of the lid is not level and you need to make an insert.
  2. Make a template with paper.
  3. Trace the template on a thin piece of plastic.  Try looking for cheap plastic dividers or folders at dollar stores – I found a bunch of “index dividers” at Dollar General for 50 cents.   Cut out and check fit.
  4. Cut a rectangle to fit inside the lid.
  5. Glue in place using a THIN layer of Wal-mart Foam Glue (this glue has some “give” and will hold the insert better than any other glue).  Allow to dry at least overnight, if the glue is too thick it several days for the glue to dry.
  6. Rough up surface with sandpaper (or emery board!). Dust.
  7. Then prime with DecoArt Multi-purpose Sealer.  Mix the sealer half and half with the paint per label instructions.  Allow to dry thoroughly.  Or follow directions on bottle for painting plastic.  This is an essential step – without this base coat the paint will “skin” very easily and peel off the “cookie sheet”.
  8. Paint both sides (allow one side to dry completely before painting the other side) and edges of the lid with FolkArt Copper Metallic paint.  Allow to dry for 1 hour.
  9. Apply a second coat of paint if needed.  Allow to dry.
  10. Now you are ready to place your “cookies” on the sheet.  Apply cookie stickers in a regular pattern.  When placing stickers stick them lightly to the cookie sheet leaving an edge up until you get the placement right.   When you are satisfied with how the arrangement, go back and stick them down tightly.  Or use Glue Dots to adhere mini (1 inch) gingerbread ornaments (cut off loop) to cookie sheet.
  11. Attach a ribbon hangar to the back.
  12. ALTERNATIVES:  Use silver or red metallic paint.  Use a Mason jar lid or a Pringle’s lid and put your cookies on a “tray”.  Use torn fabric strips to make a bow and hanger.

Assemble all materials conveniently at hand.

Mold a piece of paper inside the lid. Firmly crease the paper into the lid so that an impression of the inside of the lid clearly show.

After cutting the paper template out check it’s fit and trim as needed.

Trace the template with an ink pen. I only used a maker for the photo. If you are making a lot of these, make a template of thin cardboard or plastic.

Glue in the plastic insert and allow to dry. Use a THIN layer of glue to decrease drying time.

In order for the sealer and paint to adhere well, rough the surface up and then dry dust to remove any debris. Out of sandpaper? Use an emery board.

Seal and paint per product instructions for best results.

Arrange cookies on sheet. Do not stick all the way down until you are satisfied with the arrangement. Once all the way stuck down stickers can not be removed.

Attach a hanger with Foam Glue or a Glue Dot.

Your ornament is now ready to hang, give away, place on a package, etc.

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