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Cookie Cutters: Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post #5: Not Just Another “Cookie Cutter” Wreath

This is a close up of the foam "cookies" I made for the wreath. I will post a tutorial on these at a later date.

I “decorated” some craft foam cut-out “cookie” hearts for this Valentine’s Day Wreath. It really needs a few more “cookies” but I am out of tan craft foam. I will be posting a tutorial on making these “cookies” soon. Keep your eyes peeled!
Note I used some scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby that has sayings on it like “I Love Jesus” and “Love”.
This photo shows the wreath with a cake plate in the center. As my teired cake plate is on top of the frig I used a cookie tin as a cake stand. One thing I found is that you will need more cutters or cutter ornaments for the table decoration than the wreath.

Again, you will need more "cookies" for the Table Decoration than the Wreath.

Cookie Cutters:  Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post #5:  Not Just Another “Cookie Cutter” Wreath


Instead of a store bought “cookie cutter” wreath that is just like everyone else’s on the block why not hang a wreath that is unique and carries out the “cut-out cookie” theme of your seasonal decorating?  Hang this wreath in in the kitchen or on the front or kitchen door to welcome in a sweet holiday season!


Don’t limit this craft project just to Christmas – this can also be adapted for Valentine’s Day, Easter or any other holidays.

  • Heart shaped cookie cutter ornaments or “cookies” on a lighted, bare branch tree for Valentine’s Day. February 14th
  • Washington’s profile “cookies” (Yes, I have this cutter!) for his birthday/President’s Day.  This is my husband’s hero so shouldn’t I do a wreath to surprise him? February 20th
  • Fleur-de-lis (have it!), alligators (have it too!), state of Louisiana (yes, got it!), and crawfish (have a lobster, will that do?) for an unique Mardi Gras Wreath.  February 21 st
  • Green frosted shamrocks for Saint Patrick’s Day. March 17th
  • “Welcome Spring” or Easter wreath with pastel metal cutters or pastel frosted “cookies”. April 8th
  • Wreath full of cookie cutter or “cookie” stars for the Memorial Day/Fourth of July/Veteran’s Day.  May 28th/July 4th /November 11th
  • Sugar cookies for Sweetest Day.  October 20th
  • Halloween “cookies” for Halloween.  October 31st
  • Gobbler “cookies” for Thanksgiving.  November 21st
  • And of course Christmas!  December 25th

Don’t you love the title of this post?  I really like the play on words!



  • Wreath – grapevine, greenery, etc.
  • Cookie cutters or “cookies”
  • Raffia/ribbon/etc. to make bow
  • Raffia, ribbons, chenille stems

Also Needed (Optional):

  • 3 to 5 pillar candles
  • 3 tier cake stand
  • Pedestal cake plate
  • Display “cookies”
  • Cut-out cookies
  • Seasonal floral picks




Not Just Another “Cookie Cutter” Christmas Wreath: 

  1. Start with a wreath:  greenery, grapevine, etc.
  2. Consider adding lights for some sparkle.
  3. Tie cookie cutters or cookie ornaments (store bought or homemade, see link below) onto a simple evergreen wreath with raffia, ribbons, chenille stems, strips of torn fabric.  Glue them on with a few glue dots or hot glue gun. See links to posts below for instructions on making “cookies”, scrapbook paper backed ornaments, and attaching cutters.
    1. Again, green cookie cutters will not show to the best advantage – – – copper or brightly colored plastic will show off to the best advantage.
    2. This is another chance to showcase those prized, vintage cookie cutters.
    3. Instead of using full size ornaments how about a plethora (I love this word!) of mini ginger bread and candy cane ornaments or mini cutters?
    4. See Cookie Cutters:  Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post #1: Cut-Out “Cookie” or Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornament Garland for additional tips.
  4. Add some floral picks if desired.  My choice – red & white peppermint candy picks for Christmas.
  5. Add a coordinating bow of ribbon, raffia, torn fabric strips, etc. and you are ready to hang your unique Not Just Another “Cookie Cutter” Wreath!

 Not Just Another “Cookie Cutter“ Christmas Wreath: Table Centerpiece:  Instead of hanging your wreath use it as a unique table centerpiece.   Or make two wreaths, one to hang and one for the table.  Picture a wreath loaded with cut-out cookies and gingerbread as a table centerpiece at the Annual Cookie Swap Party!

  1. Place the wreath flat in the center of the table,
  2. In the center of the wreath add three to five (remember the “rule of 3” from Post #4?)  pillar candles of varying heights in Christmas colors or colors matching your color scheme.  Depending on the height of your wreath you may need to put a cookie tin or small box in the middle to raise the candle height.
  3. Instead of candles place a pedestal cake plate or three tiered pie stand in the center of the wreath and load it with, you guessed it, cut-out sugar cookies!  Want something to keep out all season long?  Make and paint the salt dough “cookies” mentioned in a earlier post (see link below).  Do not add hangers to these.







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