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COOKIE CUTTERS: NOT JUST FOR COOKIES ANYMORE!: POST #3 – Quilted” Cookie Cutter Shape Christmas Ornament

“Quilted” Cookie Cutter Shape Christmas Ornament:  Don’t sew but like the look of fabric ornaments?  Then try this project a “no sew” alternative to making a fabric look ornament.  This is my take on a crazy quilt gingerbread man.  This is a great way to use up all those to small to sew fabric peices and snips.  You can make this ornament in any color to match your tree’s or the room’s color scheme.  I choose to use coordinating Christmas fabrics to make mine.  This is an easy craft for kids.

  1. Trace a simple shape cookie cutter on stiff cardboard and cut it out.
  2. Cut fabric into small strips or pieces.
  3. Coat the front of the cardboard shape with a thin coat of glue.
  4. Next place the fabric pieces in a crazy quilt fashion overlapping as necessary.
  5. Apply more glue to stick the edges of the fabric pieces completely down.
  6. Allow about an inch of the fabric to overlap the edges.
  7. After the front is dry, turn over and pull the fabric overlap tightly over the edges of the shape and glue down.
  8. Next “quilt” the back or glue on cardstock, brown paper, felt or fabric.  Let dry.  Then trim the edges.  Depending on the thickness of the cardboard you used for the shape, you may need to reinforce the ornament with an additional layer of cardboard.  You may also “double mat” your ornament (shown).
  9. Punch a hole in the top of the ornament and string ribbon through the hole for a hanger.
  10. Decorate front with ribbon, buttons, jingle bells, rick rack, etc.  Let dry and then hang on tree, wreath, or garland.  Also makes a great package decoration.

Apply the fabric peices in a quilt pattern. Can use any small peice/strip quilt pattern in miniature - crazy, tobacco, etc.

Pull the overlapping edges tightly around to the back of the ornament and secure with glue. Allow to dry.

After you pull the edges of the fabric around to the back and secure, glue on a backing or cardstock, fabric, brown paper, or felt. Then trim the edges with pinking shears or decorative edge sissors.

Add embellishments to the front. For this gingerbread man I cut “icing steps” from white craft foam using zigzag scissors, buttons, ribbon and a ingle bell. You can use anything you have in your craft closet.

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8 thoughts on “COOKIE CUTTERS: NOT JUST FOR COOKIES ANYMORE!: POST #3 – Quilted” Cookie Cutter Shape Christmas Ornament

  1. You could even tear the fabric so it has the rough, frayed edges – that would be pretty cool!!
    I love your “cookie cutters” series of tutorials!!! This is another great project & tutorial!!

    • That would be cool looking. Thanks for the tip.

      The peices I used in this project were small and would be hard to tear. But you could tear narrow strips and then cut them into small peices.

      Or tear larger peices and use those. That would look more like a small block quilt.

      If you are really skilled you can copy a pattern like a pinwheel quilt, etc.

      The key is to use a large or jumbo cutter as the pattern.

      I need to make a gingerbread girl for my “boy” here (although he looks kinda girly with that bow!). So I may try the torn strips to make her!

      This is another cute project for Valentine’s Day – just use a heart cookie cutter for the pattern. Wouldn’t it be cute to do a patchwork heart in the middle in red and then do the edges in white or a light color?

      Thanks for the ideas! Look for some Valentine craft projects soon.

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  5. I found this post on pinterest and I love the idea! It is super cute and I plan to have my kids do one to enter in our state fair arts and crafts exhibition. Thanks for the idea!

    • Thanks so much for the nice words! Please let me know how they did – I hope they get first place! I’d love to get photos and post them here on my blog.

      There are actually 26 posts (so far) in this series.

      I just recently posted one on cookie cutter pincushions that uses simple sewing (basting stich and button) that maybe of interest to them. Also I had a “new” (haven’t searched the net yet to see if someone else has beat me to it) Christmas ornament using a cookie cutter that I will be posting in the next two weeks.

      Please let me know if I can help ypu in any way.

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