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Gingerbread Wooden Spoon

Gingerbread Wooden Spoon Instructions

I love wooden spoons – always have – I used to play with them all the time as a kid and now I rather stir with one than anything else!
So when I saw wooden spoons at the Dollar Tree at 4 for only a buck I just HAD to have some to see what I could come up to make with them.
And this was so super easy to make with two of my favorite crafting materials – punches and Mod Podge!


  • Wooden spoon
  • Mod Podge
  • Gingerbread punch
  • Small heart punches
  • Torn fabric strip about 20 inches long
  • Paint brush or cotton swab
  • Ornament hanger


  1. Start with a wooden spoon with a short handle.  Either purchase one with a short handle or cut the handle of a longer wooden spoon off and sand the top.
  2. Glue the paper/cardstock gingerbread punch to the back of the spoon bowl with Mod Podge.  Glue the embellishments on the gingerbread man.  Glue hearts in an arc above the gingerbread man.
  3. Paint over the punches with Mod Podge.  Cover the entire back of the spoon.  I used gold Glitter Mod Podge for a little glitz.
  4. Allow to dry and apply a second coat.  Dry.
  5. Apply Mod Podge to the spoon handle.  Wrap the fabric strips around the handle starting at the bottom.  Alternate wrapping the strips in a loose criss-cross pattern.  Stopping wrapping about 2 inches from the top of the spoon and tie a bow.  Insert a hanger under the ribbon on the back of the spoon before you tie the bow.

Thanks for taking a look at my gingerbread craft tutorial.  I’d love to hear from you!



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