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Cookie Cutters: Not Just For Cookies Anymore! Post #1: Cookie Cutter Garland


The cookie cutter is the ultimate multi-tasker & team player of the household.  Able to bake, play, or craft; the cookie cutter should be the next “can’t do without” item you add to your list of “must-haves-around-the-house”!

Metal or plastic – – – large, small or teeny-tiny- – – theme, seasonal or just no special occasion- – – common or unique; there’s a cookie cutter out there for every occasion and use!

Cutters are lifelong treasures and can be handed down to future generations. They are ideal for making long-lasting memories.

And if we can but picture them in other places besides the kitchen we can have cutters in our homes and lives on a daily basis!  Change the way you look at the lowly cookie cutter and you’ll be surprised at how many times you grab one to brighten up your life!

Over the next month (or so) I am going to share some ways that cutters can be used in your daily & seasonal activities.  These are not necessarily novel ideas, but I have tried to put my own twist on them.


 USE # 1:

Cut-Out “Cookie” or Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornament Garland:  Purchase or make cookie ornaments from dough (clay; cinnamon, salt dough or bread), felt, foam, fabric, paper, etc. or simply use the cookie cutter it’s self – copper ones are very nice for this.  This is a great way to display those vintage cookie cutters of your grandmothers. 

  1. To make a garland first measure out the ribbon, cord, yarn, or raffia length to fit the purpose ot the garland (for the Christmas tree, banister, etc.).  Consider using a real or artificial; plain or lighted greenery garland (make sure that paper ornaments do not touch the lights); or a “cranberry” bead or apple garland.
  2. The next step is to attach the “cookies” or cutters evenly spaced to the garland.   Punch holes in the “cookies”.  Reinforce the holes in paper “cookies” with clear hole re-enforcers purchased from an office supply store.
  3. Place them about every 4 to 6 inches and tie them on with raffia or string them on the stringing cord alternating with red and green wooden beads (add mini wooden hearts, stars, or thread spools if desired).  Knot the stringing material between the “cookies” or cutters and beads to hold them in place.  Leave lots of bare stringing material and use the “cookie” garland to display Christmas cards.
  4. Tie on simple bows between the cookies/cutters and beads for added interest.  For a primitive or country feel use 4 to 6 inch fabric strips torn from a fabric that fits with the color scheme for your tree or décor (red gingham is nice),. Unravel the edges of the fabric to “frazzle” the ribbon. Then tie the fabric pieces to the garland with a loose double knot or tie shoestring bows with longer pieces.
  5. Attach a mini grapevine wreath to each end of the garland for an attractive way to hang the garland on a wall.

The garland can then be hung on the Christmas tree, staircase banister, wall, mantel, etc

Below are photos of some of the garlands you can create.  This is not all the variations by a long shot!  If you try this craft, please send me a photo and I will post it.  If you post your creation on your blog please stop back by and leave the url.  Thanks so much for taking a look at my crafts!
This Christmas garland is made with cookie cutters (can be backed with scrapbook paper – see the middle cutter), beads, wooden spools and distressed fabric bows.

This greenry garland is set off with cookie cutters. As you can see the green cutters do not show up as well and the scrapbook paper backed ornaments show up best. Tie the cutters on with ribbon or torn fabric strips. Adding some red berry clusters would really set off this garland. Consider using a lighted garland.

Add cutters and bows to a red bead garland. This would be great on a tree. Again, remember the green cutters will not show up as well on a green tree. Copper cutters would look very nice!


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